Why I Stayed Home.

Here’s something I need you to know.

There’s a lot of Trump supporters in Alabama.


But I also need you to understand that most of them don’t keep up with the news other than headlines that roll across their Facebook feed. If they watch anything it’s Fox News and that channel loves President Trump so their exposure is positive. They live busy lives and only have small levels of exposure to current events and that exposure is Pro Trump.

Now, if any of them sat down with me and let me kinda update them on some details of his failures from my multiple news sources so far? They might change their mind. But they also might not. I’m not sure. I’m just saying they’re going to their jobs (many in the military) and working hard and coming home and fixing that broken toilet and cooking dinner and helping with homework and taking kids to soccer and doing laundry and finally going to sleep and getting back up to do it all again. If in their small free time their exposure to President Trump has been positive, then they’re going to have a positive view of him. ESPECIALLY if they were fans of him as an entertainer before. I find a lot of his fans here LOVED his TV show, The Apprentice and so if that’s the majority of their exposure? They are DEFINITELY seeing him in a more positive light than I ever did. Before he started his 2016 campaign I just new him as a Birther. That’s about as negative of a light as you can frame someone in, if you’re were a supporter of President Obama.

Here’s an example, I follow several journalists and news sources in several formats and at least once a week one of them references the time Trump said “Grab them by the p*ssy.” They refer to that regularly as a reminder that he condoned and/or joked about non-consensual sexual advances.

Do you know how often it’s referenced on Fox News? NEVER. So people who watch Fox News honestly see that as a non-issue. A thing that came and went and nothing to really remember.

So know a lot of his supporters don’t necessarily support his specific policies or actions. They simply like him and their exposure to current events frame him in a positive light seriously eliminating the negative.

I tell you ALL of this because a lot of my friends went to see him Friday night in Huntsville. They took their kids. And they had fun and it was memorable. They saw the President!

I gained 20lbs since he was elected and I’m medicating depression and anxiety over current events. I feel a lot of negative emotions towards our President his handling of foreign and domestic policy and these feelings produce insomnia and suicidal ideations and panic attacks. I am NOT trying to gloss over who I think he is and what his effect is on our country. BUT. I am obsessed with current events. I listen to political podcasts and news shows. I read several news sources and I have a perfectly curated Twitter feed. How can I judge people who don’t have time or energy for that kind of exposure? If all I watched was Fox News? I’d probably like the guy too, honestly. Have you ever watched Fox News? It was on at the car dealership during Obama’s administration once and I thought No wonder my family hates President Obama.

My point is – I stayed home last night instead of going to any protest because I just did not want to deal with the moment where I might see someone I love going in to support him while I held a song that said, “Build Bridges, Not Walls.” I know some people think I am the problem because I should be calling out his supporters in my life and challenging them instead of normalizing him and his support. But these same people are also on Facebook every day so I’m still constantly using that platform to voice my opinions and share my sources of news.

But what can I really do as long as their exposure is Fox News? How can I contradict that media behemoth?

Instead, I just decided to stay home and decorate my house. Partly for self care. Partly to preserve relationships that I value in some capacity.