Obligatory Election Day Confession

Obligatory Election Day Confession: This is my FIRST presidential election.

In 1996, my first election that I was old enough to vote in, was not something I gave one flying poop about. I was struggling through college with a child and a failing marriage. I was not in a place to care about anything political. I was too busy focusing on staying in school, being a new Mom, and saving my marriage.

In 2000, the marriage was gone but I was still in college and working two jobs, now as a single mom to a kindergartener. I cared about the election, and wanted to vote, but I didnt care enough to make sure I registered on time. I had moved out of state since I last registered, and put off re-registering until it was too late. I felt bad, but again, I was very busy and only cared a little bit.

This year? I’m registered with the right address. I re-registered with my new married name, and I know where I vote at. This year? I’m ready. I know who I’m voting for. All I have to do is find out when because if there’s one thing I hate doing? Is waiting in line.

The last part to this confession? I’m kinda scared/nervous. Isnt that silly? I’m nervous about voting. I feel like an 18 yr old voting for the first time, but I have enough age/years/growth under my belt to really appreciate it. I totally wish I could have someone photograph me. heh.

So. Go vote. Preferrably for my guy – but just vote.

Note from 2020: I voted for Kerry, and I remember where I voted, but I did not remember that was my first election voting until I read this. I guess if I think about it, it does make sense but I think in my head I voted for Gore in 2000 too. Also, how funny is it that I wouldn’t mention back in 2004 who I voted for when 16 years later THERE IS NEVER ANY DOUBT BECAUSE ALL I TALK ABOUT IS HOW BIDEN BETTER WIN OR WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.