Roller Coaster of Updates

Yesterday was a roller coaster of a day not helped by my exhaustion since I have a senior dog who won’t sleep with anyone but me, but who also won’t sleep. I can’t go into the details of my roller coaster day but suffice it to say: If you have days where you feel like parenting teens is 1,000% harder than parenting littles? Then I will commiserate with you. Every decision you make feels much more like “This is going to shape them for the rest of their life,” than when they’re little and it’s EXHAUSTING.

I joined Hive Social yesterday. I joined Mastadon too but that thing is clunky A.F. and I am an old and not hearing the best things about it. Hive seems fun so far. If you are testing it out, I’m misszoot there, obvs. My one big complaint is there’s no desktop app. I actually use/used Twitter mostly from my laptop so I would really like the ability to do that with Hive too.

I got a new tattoo this weekend. I haven’t gotten the best picture yet of it as it relates to the other one, but here’s the picture the tattoo artist took.

I just went in to her walk-in session (I follow her on instagram and knew I liked her work) for a space filler and she went above and beyond, actually trying ot make it a bit uniform with the above flowers which was really nice of her. I’ve never loved how those flowers sit on my arm, I always felt like the shape of them were weird as a whole piece and wanted something else under it. I’ll try to get a picture of it all together at some point.

That’s really it, just wanted to do a quick update because I’m trying to get back in the habit of regular writing here!

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  1. Your tattoo looks awesome!!! As far as raising teens well I already raised two boys and now my third son is 13 so I understand about raising teens lol

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