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It is okay to invite people over when my house is a mess?

Hi. I’m writing here today because twitter is becoming a hellscape and I need to have some place to dump my thoughts.

The reason I’m so hesitant to write here is because it’s such a mess since the great blog hack of 2020’ish. So many of my archives have links dumped into them and it’s a pain in the ass to clean it up and it just feels wrong to keep a site active that has links I don’t approve back in the archives. AND IT IS ALSO KINDA UGLY HERE TOO. I hate ugly websites.

I think I’m terrified someone will discover something I wrote here but NOT know about the hacking and the mess and I just want everyone to know that I KNOW IT IS TERRIBLE HERE BUT A WRITER’S GOTTA WRITE, YOU KNOW?

But I need to remind the world I’m here. I’m still talking about politics and libraries and books and eating disorders I just often spread it out on my instastory, and on Facebook, and on twitter. I made my IG private when Roe got overturned because I didn’t like the idea of people being able to read my vulnerable postings and me not know it. And now twitter is just disintegrated under the command of it’s new CEO/Owner/Overlord and I am very sad because I had – quite honestly – curated the perfect twitter experience. How do I easily keep up with activists and creators without my perfectly curated twitters lists and feed? I DO NOT KNOW.

I voted today. I’m unintentionally very snarky to people who are like, “I don’t vote because what is the point?!” because I’m an anti-racist, anti-capitalist, pro-abortion, pro-UBI, pro-housing first, pro-universal healthcare voter in one of the most conservatives states in the country and yet…YET! I vote every election.

There are still important amendments and local elections that your vote REALLY matters in, even if there’s no way you’re going to get a Democrat representing you at the federal or even the state level.

VOTE, DAMMIT. If I see a point, then you should too!

The family is doing well. I am still struggling to balance everything while working full-time with a hour-total commute every day. Wes is in volleyball, both kids are doing theatre, there’s social obligations and I’m also trying to keep up with several book clubs and social encounters myself. I’m failing at most of it. But I still love my job, still feel it is filled with purpose, and because of that I’m still more content with my daily life than I’ve ever been before.

Can I digress and tell you all something cute about something I love?

So I’ve told you how much I love the Heartstopper graphic novel/book world as well as the TV show, right? Well, when I was waiting to hear about season 2, I started following a few of the big names from the show on IG. I do that sometimes, but it’s always short-lived because…why follow celebrities on Instagram? Well…I noticed something really adorable about that cast. When any of them have big news (like being cast on Doctor Who, or in the Marvel universe, or in new romcoms) they ALL will use their IG feeds to hype each other up and it has become my favorite thing in the world. It is so wholesome to see an ENTIRE cast focused on each other and it makes me loves the show that much more. Today the stars – Kit Connor and Joe Locke – were announced as the cover stars of the UK GQ men of the year issue and every cast member on the show is posting about it and celebrating them and I just adore it.

Anyway…that’s quite a bit of miscellany for now. Know that I wish I could snap my fingers and make this blog clean/pretty again but I’ll try not to let that keep me from writing here. Thank you for being patient with me.

4 thoughts on “It is okay to invite people over when my house is a mess?”

  1. Yeah, it’s tempting to feel like your vote won’t matter. I would love to see some of the Libertarians on our ballot win, but the likelihood isn’t great. I gave it my shot, though. And have my fingers crossed someone ousts Memaw.

  2. I was so happy to see you pop up in my feed reader. Your blog still has a spot in my now locked-down blogspot sidebar.

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