It’s A Long Story…

This post is to the people who subscribe to my RSS feed because I think you are the only one who will see this.

Awhile back I got so frustrated with the fact that so much of my blog was still filled with eroneous links deposited by a hacker that I just locked it all up.

Sort of.

Really I just made a placeholder front page and removed easy access to the archives, but it’s all still there.

Then I switched to a full-time position (interim for now, permament October 1 if all goes well) and I signed up for an art class and I also signed up to be in charge of our swim team this past summer again and then I agreed to serve as the PR person for my kid’s high school theater program and then….well…I just stopped writing.

I used to write pretty regularly in the morning but then I started painting instead and it kinda does the same thing…helps me clear my head…but without the stress of needing a topic. Turns out, it’s easier to just paint random circles than write a blog post.

But then last week Heather Armstrong went and wrote a post that called for “white liberal women” to basically quit supporting gender affirming care and instead listen to people who have detrasitioned tell them how to handle their kid’s gender identities. She also compared body dysmorphia as it related to her anorexia to gender dysphoria in trans kids and then she weirdly maybe said ADHD medicine is bad? I don’t know man. I read the whole thing once and it was terribly upsetting and I didn’t re-read it again nor did I read any of the follow-ups.

And I made sure to use all of my spots on the internet to disavow her talking points because I didn’t want anyone to mistake my silence for support and then all of the OG bloggers from yesteryear kinda started chatting on Twitter and it reminded me how much I missed this place and well…here I am, I guess?

My kids both started high school last week. BOTH OF THEM. INCLUDING MY BABY, WESLEY.

They humored me with first day of school photos. But they insisted on this one.

Listen, kids these days can’t help themselves. They flip off the camera without even thinking about it. I too was alarmed by images like these until my kids started doing it too and now I just join them because…why not? I don’t know.

I’m trying to adjust to a full-time schedule again, and it’s not going great. It’s not going terrible either though, so I guess that’s a win? I love my job I’m just tired a lot and feeling behind and overwhelmed and suffering from a little bit of imposter syndrome but for the most part I’m happy, I’m healthy, and I’m still alive which says a lot in the grand scheme of things.

I think I’ll try to write more. Although I don’t know what to do about the hacked blog.

Will you do me a favor? If you got this in any sort of email notification will you comment? I don’t know if any of those things are still working on this site or not.

20 thoughts on “It’s A Long Story…”

  1. I didn’t get an email but thats probably because I have my email notifications off right now. I did get a notification on WordPress though letting me know you posted. 😁😁

  2. I get update notifications in Feedly – long time reader and very rare commentor. Love seeing your beautiful family!

  3. I also got a Feedly notification. Glad you are doing ok-ish. The transition to full time is exhausting but you either become less exhausted or ge used to being exhausted.

  4. I’m another one who got an RSS notification. Was happy to see you’d written something again. Long time reader (lurker) and missed reading your posts!

  5. Another Feedly follower. 😀 Good to hear from you again, even though I got a lot of this info from your FB/IG posts.

  6. I got the email! Always glad to read what you write, and thank you for slamming those talking points because that post somehow managed to be incoherent and deeply awful.

  7. No email but Feedly for the win! I support you doing whatever is working for you, even if that isn’t a lot of blogging, but I do enjoy reading what you write.

  8. I see the first few lines of posts on Feedly…when I click through I get a warning that it’s a malicious site. I click again anyway to get through. Hackers suck :/

    I also read Dooce’s posts…yeah. All I can think is WTF?

  9. I got this via email.

    Oh, and I love that you’re at the library now. For some reason, it just makes me really happy thinking of you there. Also please keep up the book recommendations. Just finished Feathers and now I’m reading Under the Whispering Door.

  10. Been reading you for ever and ever and ever and I am still here. And yooooooo what was up with Dooce man? I met her in 2004 here in Amsterdam (she wrote about it) and at the time I thought AMAZING but now I am all *woahhhh*.

  11. I suck at email during summer but just went back and searched for you….don’t see an email from you. I faithfully go to your site to see what’s up and during the quiet phases say quicks prays that you are just busy and overwhelmed like the rest of us—SO glad that was the case. Take care, we are out here!!

  12. RSS reader here. I too am trying to get used to working full time after working only 10 months a year. It is a transition to say the least. I am also always feeling like I’m behind and I feel like I didn’t do anything this summer because I worked all summer. Hopefully next summer will be better because I know more what to expect.

  13. Saw this on Feedly – have been missing you without the blog posts and with your Instagram made private, so I’m glad to know it’s because lots of good things are happening and you are just doing what’s best for you.

  14. RSS on TheOldReader – been reading you since I was pregnant with my now 16-year-old! Crazy! Welcome back.

  15. RSS reader here (through Inoreader…what I used to replace my one true love, Google Reader). Welcome back!

  16. Another TheOldReader person here. Miss your daily writing, but I totally get it. I am also over here with a semi-permanent wtf face after Dooce’s posts. YIKES.
    And holy crap how are your babies in high school already?!?! You sure you counted right???? lol

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