Let it be known.

I am pro abortion. Abortion is healthcare. Anyone with a uterus should be able to make pregnancy decisions with only their doctor to consult. Full stop.

But it also needs to be understood that criminalizing abortion is not the answer to decrease abortion. It just increases the chance that women die from it and makes it so that only wealthy (mostly white) women will continue to have safe access.

Here are some things that actually have – or would – decrease abortion rates:
– Comprehensive sex education
– Free and easy access to birth control
– Free healthcare
– Workplace protections for pregnant low wage/hourly workers
– Affordable and flexible childcare
– Financial assistance for workforce training or continuing education opportunities
– Ending mass incarceration

It’s mind-blowing that my daughter will not have the same access to healthcare that I did. And while I’ve been bracing myself for this from the moment President Obama was denied his SCOTUS nominee, it doesn’t make it any less painful now. After a restless night, I finally I woke up at 3am because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Decided to clean out my paints and make a little statement art in the process.

Donate to whomever serves your community of people needing abortions – for me that’s Yellowhammer Fund.

Also – you can still buy/order Plan B online. The standard dosage loses efficacy in patients over 150lbs, so be aware. Also – I’m paranoid an I live in a red state and I know the goal is criminalization so…I also feel like I need to tell you not to brag on social media when you’ve stocked up.

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