How much is “too much” when you’re talking about me in overalls?

I moved my blog to this WordPress host last year sometimes because it’s safer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t fun or pretty so I never worked to make it nicer than it looked out of the box.

Welp, I got a raise at work and so now I can afford the business plan, baby! It’s getting pretty around here finally!

Now, don’t get too excited…there’s a lot to do, but the potential is there! Also, there is still a lot of shitty links dumped in old posts from the great hack of the previous years. But that’s okay if there’s a pretty moth logo now, right?

So far I’ve just plastered pictures of me in overalls in all of the available spots. What do you think? Is that a bold move or what?

In theory there is now a box on the home page when you scroll down that offers a “subscribe” option. Also on the sidebar of this page? And in theory if you enter that email there will be weekly digests sent to you on Mondays. Will this really work? WHO KNOWS!

In the meantime I’m looking forward to making this place even prettier (not that it gets much prettier than it is wallpapered with photos of me in overalls) and using that knowledge to actually write here sometimes.

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