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Detox and Dinosaurs

No…not that kind of detox. My liver does that.

I’m going to do a digital detox. Starting out with one day.

“But Kim, you’re writing on your blog! That’s not a digital detox!”

Well…this is a Kim Specific digital detox. The last week or two I’ve felt these extreme waves of anger/annoyance/frustration (that’s one wave which is a combination of those things) and despair (that’s the other wave). The anger/annoyance/frustration wave feels a lot like the surge I got when I when to my doctor a few years ago and after look at my bloodwork she said, “Welcome to perimenopause.” So, at first I just kinda blamed that.

But, since it’s partnered with a wave of despair, I started looking more closely and noticing some of these waves connect directly to certain social media experiences. So, for today, I’m not going to touch Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok.

One day.

Oh, and I’ve already messed up. Facebook was open on a tab on my computer when I sat down and so – out of habit – I clicked around. BUT ONLY FOR ABOUT 3 MINUTES. So, besides that 3 minutes, I’m going to step away from it all for the day.

Now…truthfully I’d like to try a week detox but since all of this hit me last night, my brain is protesting: YOU CAN NOT START SOMETHING ON A TUESDAY. MONDAYS ARE FOR STARTING. So, I’m trying one day. And then maybe I’ll do it for two days (Thursday and Friday) and then….maybe the next Monday…I’ll try for an actual week.

I don’t know. I love Facebook and Twitter. And truthfully, I’ve curated both so that the things most people hate don’t happen on my feeds. But it seems with summer rolling in people are talking about dieting more and I can not listen to that. And there’s weird shit unique to my city (Does your city still have “cotillion” or “debutante” type events? Mine does and it’s weird but no one talks about how it’s weird.) and state (primary season in Alabama: All of the Republicans are trying to prove they’re more loyal to Trump to win their primary) that you can’t really curate out because this is just my community and I live here.

And TikTok is just freaking addictive and it knows what I want to see (gay pirates and puppy dogs) and so I have no willpower.

So, One day? I guess? Maybe? Uggg. I have such complicated feelings about Facebook and Twitter and I hate when people are like, “IT IS ALL EVIL FOR EVERYONE,” because I don’t believe that. But there is evil mixed in, or at least “evil for Kim” and sometimes maybe I need to step away.

So that’s that.


Nikki saw one of these on TikTok and asked me to get one for her and when I felt it for myself – I realized: This is basically a weighted squishmellow! And I had to have one for myself. It’s like having a small puppy with you all the time and I love it dearly. I also like to put it on my shoulder which is where I carry a lot of my tension and also I sleep with it because I’m a grown up.

I love him.

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