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I have at least 14 half-written posts on the dashboard of this blog where I’ve started something and then run out of time before I could finish it. I’m going to let you assume they’re all smart and funny and insightful because that’s the kind of consistent writer I am. You’re just missing it.

I’m not managing my mornings with as much “writing” time as I used to and the end result is a lot of (really brilliant) drafts and no actual content. This is not helped by the fact that I haven’t figured out how to do subscription emails on this new setup so I know when I publish no one will know and so it seems almost pointless. NO ONE WILL EVEN WITNESS MY GENIUS AND BE INSPIRED – WHY BOTHER?

But here I am – trying again to write something fabulous in the 7 minutes I have allotted!

Actually, let’s not aim for fabulous. Let’s aim for “finished.”

We had a rough weekend with domestic calamities all coming to a head (Dryers, Windows, Plumbing…oh my!) and we spent the weekend trying to distract ourselves and eating out a lot. I got acrylics for the first time since my wedding day which – for the record – is slowing down my typing substantially.

I actually went to the same technician that used to do my Mom’s nails and it was all very surreal sitting in her chair getting my nails done like she used to. Also…IT HURT. I used to get so irritated at her for whining about it hurting but now I think it’s the tech because it really did hurt and now I feel bad for rolling my eyes at her so much.

We also saw The Lost City (the second time for me, I loved it so much) and we went to fancy Sunday brunch where I felt super cute so I made everyone take photos with me and of me.

Life is bonkers. I’m struggling in a lot of ways but feeling blessed more than cursed, which I think is all you can ever hope for in life. I have 3 minutes to get dressed before taking Wes to school and prepping for work so I’m ending this (OH MY GOD SO BRILLIANT!) blog post here just so I can finally have something posted even if no one knows.

POST-SCRIPT: OMG. I just sat down at the computer this morning (Wednesday) and this never published yesterday! All of that rush for nothing! Well, I’m click publish now anyway.

7 thoughts on ““Finished””

  1. Brilliant! Genius! Keep it coming…this what I come here for! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. I still use Feedly so I knew that you published! That picture of you is fantastic – perfect for spring. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I am really old school and literally just go to my favorite blogs and check for posts. As I was going to click on yours in my list I thought to myself “If I only ever checked 3 blogs for the rest of time I would definitely put Zoot on the list”.
    So there.
    We are here.
    We check.
    We read.
    I was geeked to see 3 entries.
    I think I have said this before but you could post your grocery list and I would still check in to read it!
    Julie A

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