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Let’s Go To The Beach-each

Note: I still think some of you can’t see my pictures. I’m having trouble figuring that out. I’m so sorry if you’re missing out on the extra fun my photos add to posts like this!

Welp. It’s Monday after spending a week at the beach with my brother and his family and I am suitable depressed. Partly because the beach was awesome but mostly because I really…really…wish we lived closer to my brother and his family. I cry every time we say goodbye. And since Mom died and I feel like he’s all I have now…that sadness feels even more long-lasting. I cried quite a bit on the drive home.

Of course, it could also have been because I was more tired than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

I have not been that active in one week since…maybe our NYC trip in 2019? But even then I was sleeping more so I’m not sure I got as tired as I got this week.

There were two things impairing my ability to sleep. First: Our mattress was a very deep memory phone and it kept sucking me in and I hated it. I would get comfy and then wake up 2 hours later sore because I had gotten sucked into one position and then it was not easy to reposition. The other reason I wasn’t sleeping is because I KEPT FEELING LIKE IT WAS CHRISTMAS MORNING. I would go to bed by 9pm most nights, asleep by 10pm…but then by 4am I was wide awake wanting to embrace the day. I just couldn’t sleep thinking about the beach…I WAS SO EXCITED!

We stayed along the panhandle of Florida in a place people call the Forgotten Coast because it’s a bit underdeveloped in terms of tourism and infrastructure. We didn’t seen any big condos and just a few multiple occupancy units at all. We were a solid 15 minutes from a grocery store and it was a Piggly Wiggly in Port St. Joe. It was really perfect if you’re not into tourist-y stuff…which none of us really are/were. We did visit a few of the local “must see” type places like the lighthouse in Port St. Joe and the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park and the St. Joseph Bay Buffer Preserve. They were all quick/easy visits that entertained a wide age-range and gave us plenty of superb photo opportunities.

We also went on a boat ride in the Bay one day and I haven’t been on the open water in, like 30+ years so it was quite a treat for me. It was beautiful beyond description. There was a middle part where it got a little choppy and some of us at the front of the boat got soaked, but I didn’t mind because that meant my nephews sought shelter snuggled up between E and me on the back of the boat! They were wet/cold but I was loving the bonus snuggle time.

Mostly we just hung out at the house which had a heated pool which my nephews LOVED, and we watched a lot of sunrises and sunsets over the ocean. It was magical in 100 different ways. A day that starts with a walk with my brother along the ocean and ends with Harry Potter and my nephews is basically my perfect day. It was the trip my soul needed, even if I’m feeling sad today.

I’ll leave you with this bonus picture of me in the ocean. I actually played in it quite a bit, because I figured out once you got used to it, it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t got out far enough to worry about cross-currents, just basically up to my waist at the highest (although that day the waves did sometimes crest my shoulders) but it was invigorating!

I have to work extra this week to make up for missing last week so let’s hope I make it without having an exhaustion fueled emotional breakdown!

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