A Seriously Professional Christmas Card Photo Sesh.

We decided this year to rope N’s bestie into going downtown with us and take a few photos – just with our phones – that we could use in our Christmas cards. No coordinated outfits (everyone feels better in clothes they like), no pre-planned poses or backgrounds, we just knew we’d think of things as we went and we wanted to just be chill about it so no one would be miserable and faking smiles.

We decided to try to do jump photos but we really didn’t all get on the same page about what we were doing or how we were jumping and we didn’t think to use the LIVE setting on the phone and while they are all gems…I have to zoom in on Me for most of them to show you the Many Faces Of Jumping Kim so you can laugh as hard as I did.

Kim is concentrating on getting some height. Maybe pooping. Who knows? Wesley’s arms are having a No Bones day.
Donnie kept his hands in his pocket for every jump which was hilarious. But this one he looks annoyed and also, is he pooping now? Doesn’t matter. Kim is excited.
Donnie caught some air, still looks like he thinks the whole thing is dumb. Kim somehow is still on the ground but has her sweater over her face?
Kim and Donnie are both moved by the spirit and can not even keep their eyes open during such moments of praise.



One of them made the final cut.

We actually had dozens of great normal photos and dozens of hilarious, “Let’s pose like cheerleaders!” or “Let’s pose like sorority girls!” You can see some of those made the cut too. I highly recommend just letting everyone come up with their own hilarious pose ideas and definitely incorporate at least one fail into your Christmas collage because I’d like to think that it will bring a smile to the face of everyone who sees it.

It definitely did to ours.

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