On Body Image and Radical Self Love

3 Ups.

Storytime: N and one of her besties were over at the house and I said something snarky about myself as a Mom. I can’t remember exactly what, but I think it was something like, “I’m sorry there’s no food in the house, your Mom was feeling lazy and useless yesterday and opted to play read instead of go to the store.”

Her bestie turned to N and said, “I think Kimberly needs to do 3 Ups.” I was confused by what this mean but N definitely agreed with her friend, so they explained it to me. It’s something another friend brought to their group: If you say something negative about yourself then your friend/loved one forces you – ON THE SPOT – to stop what you’re doing to list 3 positive things instead: “3 Ups.”

It’s genius for a lot of reasons. First, it gets everyone noticing how often they may practice negative self-talk…so many of us do it without thinking about it. Second, it gives our friends something to say because we all know we hate it when people we love talk bad about themselves, and now we can do something about it. And finally…it gets us in the habit of quick recall of positive things about ourselves!


Anyway…I loved it so much I posted about it to all of my social media and now I’m sharing it here. Add it to your family/friend group if you choose! I know I have!

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  1. WebbBlogs – United States – Just learning how to enjoy life with ocd. My mental health has been interfering with my daily activities for far to long and now that Im 50 its about time I start enjoying life and taking chances.
    Webb Blogs says:

    Wow this is a fantastic idea! Love this!!

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