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On Dogs And Driving.

Let me start this update by say that this guy (above picture: My pit-mix Zoomie) finally caught and killed the fly he has been chasing for 24 hours. My sleep should be better tonight, not having to constantly being woken up up by him digging through cardboard or sliding into walls or barking as he was constantly realizing the FLY WAS NOT DEAD and restarting his chase.

The fly got trapped in the bathroom for a little while and I tried to keep him in there, I tried to jail a fly, just because it was one room I could keep Zoomie out of so maybe some of us could get some peace.

Alas…the chase continued until 4:55am when he finally caught and killed the thing and now he’s kinda nervously pacing around, obviously thinking Is it really over? Can I rest now?

So that’s where I’m at this morning…how are you?

I’ve been spending a lot of time driving lately. And as much as I hate driving…I love being a chauffeur for my kids and their friends. If you ever want to know what’s going on in your kid’s lives, driving them around will definitely give you insight you wouldn’t get otherwise. Maybe I’m trying to savor it because Nikki will start driving herself next month (EEK) and I know I won’t be needed anymore. Either way, I love it. And I’m sad whenever I’m not needed because there happens to be a driver involved in the plans.

Y’all. My dog is not barking at me. I think he’s sad he killed the fly and he wants another one. I think he thought it was a toy. And now he’s barking at me because I threw the toy away. The toy that is actually a dead fly. How dare I?

ANYWAY…where was I? Oh, enjoying being a chauffeur. I love it. I used to hate having to drive my kid’s places but I love driving them and their friends places. It’s the GROUP of kids I love driving around. Don’t stick me with just my own, then I’m irritated. When mine needs a ride home? I’m like: I AM PICKING YOU UP AT 9pm SO I DO NOT HAVE TO STAY UP TOO LATE. But if everyone needs a ride home? I’m so honored and excited that I’m all: STAY OUT AS LATE AS YOU WANT MY DARLINGS!

Wes used this to his advantage last night when I was trying to pick him up early because it’s a school night and he was like, “Can you drive everyone home and also can we stay later?” OF COURSE MY CHILD WHO KNOWS MY ACHILLES HEEL AND OFTEN TARGETS IT DIRECTLY!

I drive a tiny Honda Fit that has 220,000 miles on it and it has a leak in the door seal so after it rains it smells mildewey and YET! YET! They all accept rides from me because I think I’m the only parent who says, “YES!” at all hours of the night and day. BECAUSE I LOVE IT.

Maybe this is also a little bit of community payback because I know E’s friend’s parents had to do all of the driving when he was this age because I had two small children and could never stay up late enough to be of any use. I’m returning the favor to the parents of these kids now because that’s how community payback works.

So…chauffeuring teenagers around and watching my Dog be driven insane by a fly. That’s what you’ve been missing from my regular updates. You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “On Dogs And Driving.”

  1. My cats decided they needed to chase each other at top speed around the house at 4:30 AM, including using me as a trampoline. Animals are so much fun!

    I’m glad you like driving people around! 🙂

  2. Must have been a thing this morning. My youngest cat decided to randomly attack my senior cat, who was sound asleep under the covers right next me, at wee hours of this morning. Neither my senior girl nor I were happy about that.

    Also, I bet your hear all kinds of interesting conversations while driving your kids around. Instead of people-watching, it’s people-listening!

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