The Great Blog Cleanup

misszoot has entered the chat.

Okay. So…I think my site has officially been moved to a managed wordpress site. Same content (just really messy), hopefully same URL, just no longer self-hosted and vulnerable to spam attacks. There are still a million things I need to do. Like finishing cleaning all of the spam links out of the previous 17 years worth of blog content. How will I do that? I HAVE NO IDEA.

I also need to just clean up a lot of the content here. In the import process all of my “drafts” got published and so there’s a lot of unedited, half-written, partial blog posts floating around in the archives. Many apologies to anyone who accidentally stumbles upon those.

Also? It’s kinda ugly here. It’s okay to admit it. I won’t be offended.

It is just that I had to buy the cheapest “pro” plan they offered and so I don’t get the fun plugins or themes. I’m still going to try to make it a little pretty around here but for now? It’s clean and simply and ugly.

I also need to bring all of the stuff I wrote at substack the last few months over here. And figure out how to get all of you who moved your subscription over there, back over here. It’s not going to be easy but *hopefully* this will be my last move ever. I no longer have the energy to manage my own self-hosted site, this is good enough.

In the meantime, enjoy pictures of me and my Mom’s stanky grumpy-ass old dog who bites everyone but me.

1 thought on “misszoot has entered the chat.”

  1. It’s not ugly, it’s minimalist. That’s trendy now. You’re on the cutting edge!

    Welcome back!

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