Welcome back?

Ahhh…where were we?

Oh yeah – my blog kept getting hacked and so I was temporarily writing to substack until I could figure out what to do with 17 years of blog content. As in, how do I clean it up and where do I put it so this doesn’t happen again?

Well…I was cleaning it up with vigor until I discovered new hacked links on my old content that I had already cleaned up. And then I got depressed about it all. Again. And realized I needed to move everything first.

And after tons of research I decided the best thing to do was…move my site to a WordPress owned wordpress account. Try to depend on WordPress to keep my site safe. This was not my favorite decision for security reasons, but it was the easy for import/export reasons so…here we are.

Currently this blog has been “cleaned up” in theory from the years 2004 thru somewhere in 2010. That means there shouldn’t be rogue links. But jeezus. I’ve given up hope now.

Now that everything is on someone else’s servers, where they have to assure me security because I pay them, then I’ll start cleaning up everything else. And I need to do it STAT because when I thought I was going to export to a different CMS I had to make all of my draft posts “published” and now there’s a lot of terrible content out here just waiting to be discovered.


So if you found this? Be patient with me. I AM TRYING TO CLEAN THIS PLACE UP.

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