A day told by the screengrabs on my phone.

I sat down having no idea how to even put into words the chaos of yesterday. I mean. WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED YESTERDAY? Have you ever gone from such hopeful optimism (SENATOR WARNOCK! YAY!) to righteous despair (CONFEDERATE FLAG IN THE CAPITOL BUILDING! BOO!) in such a short amount of time? It was like election day 2016 when I gleefully put my stupid-ass pantsuit on, full of hope for the first woman President, only to spend the entire night sobbing hysterically.

But, what I can do is…I show you my screen grabs from my phone that I took from Twitter (to put on other social media) because I follow people much smarter, and much better with words than I am.

First I grabbed this series of Nikole Hannah-Jones as she lamented the results in Georgia. Watch this video about Fannie Lou Hammer’s Congressional speech here if you don’t know much about her.

And then I evidently screen grabbed my own Tweet because I’m that person and I guess I wanted to document my own gratitude? Either way. It’s a screengrab on my phone.

Here was Cling Smith III’s take that I grabbed to share on instagram

Then I learned about how the WNBA helped support Warnock.

Then I grabbed this tweet reminding us how off-balanced the Senatorial representation is in terms of people they represent.

And then this grab summed up the results of the Georgia Senate runoff perfectly for me.

Then it was time for the “protests” and the Electoral College Vote Tally and I was tuned into both things. I watched my own Congressman Mo Brooks incite violence by telling them to “take down names and kick ass” and for this one I’ll embed the tweet instead of screen grabbing so you can see it:

(That Tweet was obviously posted later but the video was taken BEFORE the mob insurrection.)

And I watched in awe as white people just paraded past law enforcement into the US Capitol and it was insane. I retweeted out the MSNBC video of Joy Reid exclaiming, “White Americans aren’t afraid of the cops. White Americans are never afraid of the cops, even when they’re committing an insurrection.”

And of course, I had to grab a screen grab of Trump’s most insane Tweet, which was not long before they took it down and banned him.

And then, my final screengrab was of Sam Sanders reminding everyone about the fact that DC has a lot of people who have no representation in Congress.

(Feel free to read more about DC Statehood, including some of the objections, here.)

And this morning? This morning I’m in awe. I am of two minds. Part of me is still wanting to hold onto the hope of yesterday morning. Hope spelled out perfectly by Stacey Abrams in this screengrab I took this morning.

But then the other part of me knows there’s not a huge leap between some of those people who stormed the Capital yesterday and some of the Trump supporting people in my community. I am so glad I unfriended like 300 people on Facebook early in 2020 because zero part of me wanted to engage with them yesterday. I wanted my bubble of shock and awe and sadness. There are people in my neighborhood who put up MORE Trump supporting signs/flags AFTER the election. One house periodically puts a cardboard cutout of Trump in their yard. (They don’t leave it there long because they have had signs stolen and they KNOW that thing will get yanked.) There’s one house with SPOTLIGHTS pointing to their huge sign. One house put the sign up in a tree so no one could steal it. And all of them believe the same thing the mob from yesterday believed: That Joe Biden did NOT win the election. And why do they believe it? Because President Trump told them that and our representatives in Congress have agreed.

So I’m hopeful but also woefully depressed. I contain multitudes.

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  1. Thank you for posting, I am amazed that you are able to string words together, I am still babbling at “what the hell just happened stage”, as much occured whilst I was sleeping. I have a new rule not to check my phone before bedtime. My savvier Father-in-law stayed up all night to watch CNN in the middle of the night. Feeling so so sad for America, going forward I hope something changes, so occurances like this never happen again.

    Please take care of yourself.xx

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