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I have adopted several silly voices to use with my kids during this pandemic. Wesley’s is kind of a cute/baby voice (“Tanks” instead of “Thanks”) and Nyoka’s is a terrible, horrible, offensive British accent. I’ve tried to teach Alexa my (normal) voice and she kinda knows it because when I try to teach it to her she tells me she already knows who I am, but she never calls me by name like she does Donnie. The other day, I told her “Tanks!” after putting something on my grocery list and she said, “You’re welcome, Kim, have a great day.”

So my Alexa now thinks my silly voices are my real voice. I’m okay with that.

Thanks for all of your delurking to say, “Hi!” I appreciate that thoroughly. I’d love to get all sappy about it but instead I’ll just push forward with my daily post this Monday morning.

Jeezus. I’m so glad it’s finally Monday. These last two weeks have been totally screwed up for me. Not only have the kids not been in school but – because of the holidays – my Mom’s M,W,F dialysis schedule was changed and because I don’t work and my kid’s don’t always go to a school building for school, Mom’s dialysis schedule was my main way of keeping track of the days. Since I took her on Saturday, I spent all day thinking Saturday was Monday and that screwed me up all day Sunday. So I am very happy today is actually Monday.

I’m not sending my kids back to school this week. They are on a staggered schedule, half goes half of the week, but I’m keeping them home because on January 1st we found out E had tested positive for Covid. (HAPPY NEW YEAR!) He gets weekly tests at his job, otherwise he wouldn’t have known because he has zero symptoms. He has no idea when/where he was exposed because he’s the only one at his job who is positive and no one in our family is sick and so – to be safe – I’m keeping the kids home for 2 weeks after their last contact with him. That means this whole week they’ll be home. And of course this week Mom is back to M,W,F dialysis and she has other doctor’s appointments on Tues and Thurs so — if I make it to Friday managing all of her stuff on top of two kids being homeschooled — it will be a miracle.

I’ve been taking myself on some solo hikes lately.

(Maybe stream of consciousness is my new format of writing?)

And there’s always someone (often my Mom) who indicates concern that I do that. And while I know how easy it is for something bad to happen in the woods – I’ve known plenty who had bad falls and needed to be evacuated – it’s actually one of the few activities that doesn’t stress me out too much. I mean, I get started by larger animals rustling the leaves close to the trail…but compared to all of my urban triggers…it’s nothing. I am 100% tense with most car rides and drives, I need sedatives for large crowds, and I avoid subways like the plague. But stick me out alone in the woods and I’m more chill than any other time.

There’s one trail by my house that I like to explore after a good rain because the creek gets so full and beautiful but this week was the exact right amount of rain. The creek was flowing in many parts so I got to hear the sound of water but there were still plenty of big dry rocks in the creek to sit on in the sun. It was perfect. I could have been kidnapped or murdered or fallen and broken my hip but none of that was on my mind. It’s such a weird thing in my brain. With all of my anxieties – they tend to all silence themselves when I’m in the woods.

The warmer weather this last week also meant I got to get back in my swing.

(Definitely just bouncing around the thoughts here. Maybe this is 2021 blogging Kim?)

I love this swing so much, especially for reading. Recently, I saw a Mom of an ADHD child say that her kid can read SO MUCH BETTER when he’s on their porch swing. She things the movement helps calm his brain enough to focus on his reading and I ABOUT DIED. I definitely prefer reading in my swing most of all. If my didn’t annoy everyone inside when I was on the swing, I might stay out there all the time. I can focus SOOOO easily on that swing!

My TMJ has flared up bad these last two weeks. I put my mouth guard back in at night (I hate it so much) and as long as I keep ahead of the pain with ibuprofen I do okay, but my ear has been clogged for the last two days and between the dull headache/jaw pain and now the clog that won’t go away…I’ve been a bit cranky. I just got diagnosed with TMJ a year or so ago and it’s not a constant issue so I’m still very new to it. If you have any tips, let me know. Especially tips that don’t require medical consults because while we have insurance, we don’t have a lot for copays etc so I’m trying to home-remedy it as much as possible.

Welp. That was a curvy ride. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

4 thoughts on “Tanks.”

  1. I too have been enjoying quite a few solo hikes. I love hiking when it’s colder. No snakes, no poison ivy, and no ticks! I don’t think twice about it because it is so peaceful for me, but my mom gets worried about me being alone, so I’m investing in gel pepper spray to keep on my pack just in case. If I wipeout and hurt something, I’ll just have to call 9-1-1.

    Keep swinging!

  2. TMJ is a beast, I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with it too! I found that alternating warm moist heat and cool packs helped a lot. I would soak a face cloth and then microwave and put that around my jaw to loosen the muscles, then later if they still ached gently ice them with sponges soaked and frozen in the freezer. Hope that helps!

  3. “Forest Bathing”, nothing better! For your TMJ, my son has found that Aleve (naproxen) works better than ibuprofen. He takes one in the morning and one at bedtime every day and that has really helped.

  4. I’m sorry that E has tested positive, but glad that he’s not feeling sick! Better to keep the kids home longer just to be sure, though. What a mess this all is. Get out into the woods or on the swing as much as you can!

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