Lessons Learned from Election Night 2016

First and foremost…we might know results tonight but we probably won’t. So I’m going into this day bracing myself to have no results even early into tomorrow morning, maybe for several days or weeks.

THAT SAID…Here are the lessons I learned from 2016 that will adjust how I go about my day/night.

  • Don’t drink too much in anticipation. It’s an understandable coping mechanism, but if the news is bad then the depressive episode is magnified by the alcohol which is – a depressant. I was devastated *and* a little intoxicated in 2016 and the two did not combine healthily at all. My expected dark thoughts were 100% darker with the influence of alcohol.
  • Have a buddy who you know will be up late watching too. I suffered alone in 2016 with no one to talk to and it made it worse and so this year I’m going to be prepared to text people if it goes bad.
  • Keep tomorrow’s expectations minimal. I tried to work the day after last year and it was ridiculous. I cried all day and was useless.
  • Filter your social media. If you have Trump supporting friends on Facebook then don’t open Facebook tonight. I was watching friends and family celebrate last year on Facebook when I was sobbing. I have since unfriended or unfollowed most of those people but still…do not open yourself up to that type of exposure tonight.

I will probably be up with my phone all night. I’m hoping to distract myself a bit with a movie in the early evening when the chances are not good we know anything yet, but from then all I’ll probably be watching so if you want to DM or tag me on IG or Twitter if you need a liberal friend, feel free.

And please don’t forget to vote.

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  1. Sending you love. I’m going to find a movie as well. And avoid as much news as possible.

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