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The Best Thing About 2020

Today I’m emphatically recommending something that has brought me joy in these dark times: Ted Lasso.

The first time I heard about the show Ted Lasso I thought it was in the vein of those comedies I hate: Dumb guy does embarrassing stuff and we all laugh at him. You know…Adam Sandler’s schtick in a lot of his movies that I admittedly I’ve never seen. I mean, it’s about an American football coach brought to England to coach soccer because the new owner wants the team to fail. If that’s not a hapless Adam Sandler movie description, I don’t know what is.

But then I started hearing people recommend it that don’t like those kind of movies either and I thought, Wait. Did I misunderstand this show?

I’m going to just describe it by telling you: I want a “What Would Ted Lasso Do?” t-shirt now. He is the hero of 2020 that we all need. Also? Donnie and I binged the entire season in 24 hours and we have entirely different taste in television.

He’s determined to be a good coach, a good Dad, a good employee, and a good friend…not because of some feelings of obligation or guilt or to seek some external reward…but because he wants to be those things. It’s not an ego thing (because he puts up with a lot of road blocks that would damage another person’s ego) – it’s just the thing that makes him happy. He is a character without an ego, if you can believe it. And even if someone really wrongs him, he accepts a sincere apology and allows them to move forward together.

The show is also really funny.

I just really want everyone in the world to watch this show. Yeah, there are going to be people who don’t like it…I’m not promising you that you’ll love it. But I will tell you that I’ve talked to 20 year-olds who love it, and 70 year-olds who love it. And everyone who loves it loves it for the same reason: It is a breath of joy and happiness and a beautiful picture of flawed – but good – humanity.

You should watch it.

2 thoughts on “The Best Thing About 2020”

  1. YES! I agree 100%, Ted Lasso is the absolute best thing about 2020. I hate “embarrassing situation” TV/movies, but somehow this isn’t that. Besides “Douglas” (which I also highly recommend), Ted Lasso is the only entertainment that’s made me belly laugh. It’s vaguely inappropriate for my almost-14yo son, but we have been bonding watching it together. In fact, we started re-watching it again this week! I was happy to hear it’s been renewed through 3 seasons.

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