Grasping for Straws of Joy

We had a great day celebrating Nikki yesterday (and for those of you who commented on my instagram post she said it made her cry. She was like, “Those people don’t even know me but they’re so nice!”) but when she and I were both in bed for the night, she started texting me her fears over the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation.

I am feeling very overwhelmed by the news and my fears for the future so I don’t have a whole lot to write about today that doesn’t reflect that and so, instead, I’m just going to share this great photo of my three joys from last night.

Eliah’s Shee Couleé shirt can be found here

I’m just holding onto any sliver of joy that I can right now and these three help me unquantifiably. Just being in their presence last night was a much-needed distraction. I’m blessed to be their Mom.

Oh, and here’s Nikki’s cake. She wanted a Harry Potter cake like I made her for her 11th birthday (the one that mimics the one Hagrid brought Harry in the first movie) but I made a slight edit to reflect our current disgust with JKR’s transphobia.

Here’s to finding joy wherever we can right now.

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