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15 years ago…this was what my day looked like.

One of the silver linings to the hell that has been 2020 is that I’ve spent a lot of time with my kids that I wouldn’t have spent otherwise because they’re teenagers, not in the mood to hang out with their Mom. Early in the pandemic Nikki would look for any excuse to leave the house and so she’d ride with me to walk Mom’s dog or get her groceries. This has given us tons of alone time in the car when she’ll roll down the windows and play her music as we discuss everything from eyebrow gel to reproductive rights.

She’s not as desperate to get out of the house now with school having started back up, but she will still join me periodically and since she’s the only one currently making money in our house…she’ll sometimes even treat me to a Diet Coke from McDonalds.

We’ve had a lot of good adventures over the pandemic, hiking, going to Chattanooga for used books, hunting down butterfly murals…I am not grateful for the pandemic, but I am very grateful for the gift of time it has given me that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

She’s come into her political voice this year as well. She always worries that she’s just inheriting my views and not flushing them out enough on her own, but I have to constantly remind her that she challenges me every day on tons of issues, she shapes me as much as I shape her. She’s the radical liberal I thought I was, loudly vocal for reproductive rights and criminal justice reform…counting down the days until she can some day vote too.

I hope this year is everything she wants it to be. Specifically? I hope we can say goodbye to Trump as President because, if she had one wish? She’d join her mother in wishing for that.

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  1. Solidarity, I hope Nyoka’s birthday wish comes true. Fist bump.

    Nyoka is challenging me, already this morning I’m considering the words I use are unnecessarily gendered and I live about 2,500k miles away, roughly.

    Wish I were still teaching, we had such fantastic debates in the classroom. I used to teach at an international collage, I loved all the different points of view and how we all came together.

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