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Camp Zoot

So I’ve tried a bunch of remedies for snoring recommended on this post and on Facebook (although several of my FB friends saw my “can’t get a sleep study without insurance” note and said, “You should get a sleep study.”) but to no avail. So, Donnie got his camping cot down from the storage in the garage and was going to try sleeping in it (he tried to sleep on the couch one night and agreed: NOT A GOOD SLEEPING COUCH) but I claimed it first.

I have too much guilt to allow him to sleep away from our bed because I am snoring. Also? I’m more sleep-adaptable than he is. Not because I’m good a sleeping, but because if I’m going to sleep…I can do it anywhere. My anxiety is what keeps me awake and that’s going to happen in bed, on the couch, or in a cot tent.

Here’s the cot tent.

Donnie bought it for camping at stage races where you just throw up a tent in a field and so there may be drainage issues etc. He never wanted to wake up for day 2 of a race having slept day 1 on the wet ground so this cot was perfect. I slept pretty well in it. I got kinda hot, even with all of the openings open, and it does crinkle a bit that woke me up…but overall? I slept much better than in my own bed where I’m woken up by 11pm because of snoring.

Wesley did say he could hear me snoring in the tent in the living room though. I AM TELLING YOU GUYS: I AM LOUD.

Wes wanted to try out the cot tent so he slept in there the last two nights and I slept in his bed and let me tell you: Those are the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months. I don’t know if it’s because I’m just so tired that having a bed to myself where I didn’t have to worry about waking someone up with my snoring was all I needed, or if maybe his bed is magical. Either way…I slept past 5am both mornings (a miracle) and I don’t think I tossed and turned too much like I normally do.

Now, even if he wants to I’m not going to let him sleep in that cot on school nights because I’m not convinced he’s sleeping well in that thing. But on the days he can sleep late because we’re doing virtual school (which we only have 2 more days left of) then I’m game for taking advantage of an open bed for a few nights.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and honestly? As long as everyone is getting as much sleep as possible? I don’t care where/how they’re doing it…even if it means there’s a tent in the living room. It’s not like we’ve got company coming over anytime soon.

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  1. We have non-traditional sleeping arrangements here too – my husband sleeps on a (good for sleeping) couch in the basement due to his snoring, and I sleep with the dogs in our bedroom.
    We were going down the sleep study path as well, which he mentioned to his dentist, and the dentist actually suggested a mouth guard that has helped tremendously with the snoring. It still happens, especially if he’s been drinking, but on the times that we do have to sleep in the same room, like when we travel, I don’t feel the need to stab him in his sleep like I did before 🙂 It was easier than a sleep study, and he was really trying to avoid a cPAP machine. I think we paid $300, it wasn’t covered by insurance at all – maybe still not something you can do right now, but something to think about.
    Could Wes sleep with Donnie and then you take Wes’ room, so that everyone is in a bed? Or maybe a trundle in your room for Wes? I couldn’t sleep my son, he’s a puncher, and he HAS to have his sleep, so totally understand protecting a kiddo’s rest!

  2. Earplugs! Then there is no need for drastic measures. They take a bit of getting used to but have worked great for us!

  3. Earplugs! Find the right shape and size for your ears. I cannot sleep without them and neither can my partner. I am the snorer. I finally broke down and got a sleep study – and now use a CPAP for severe obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea/snoring is linked to all sorts of things including heart issues, respiratory issues, as well as mental health issues. The CPAP has all sorts of sizes and shapes too and it like my comfort blanket now.

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