The Great Blog Cleanup

2007 was a rough year.

When I finally started the daunting task of cleaning up my blog/database/archives some time last year, I thought I would be done by the end of this year. But y’all…it is VERY HARD to read through my old posts. I just finished 2007.

Part of what was so difficult is that I talked a lot about trying to lose weight. And in 2007, I was probably 50lbs or more lighter than I am now. So, it’s hard to read the voice of that girl and not imagine her being disgusted by this girl. I mean, I am not disgusted with myself, but she was still very brainwashed and drowning is self-hatred and so it’s very difficult to read her obsessing over food and trying new “methods” to lose weight. I deleted almost all of them. I left a couple and added notes from 2020 saying, “I’m keeping this as one of a million just to show this person existed but she upsets me now so I don’t want to preserve the rest of her compulsive obsession on weightloss.”

She also bitched a lot about being tired and that’s kinda my thing and so it’s hard to read Kim of 2007 whine about being tired a lot when Kim of 2020 is fucking exhausted all of the damn time.

I started deleting posts towards the end of the year without even reading all the way through. If it was about TV? It got deleted. (I wrote a lot about TV my first many years blogging. I think I wanted to be a TWoP recapper deep down.) Weightloss? Delete. Exhaustion? Delete. Self-deprecating humor? DELETE.

There was also a humdinger miscarriage in 2007, the one that happened after I had a doctor discount my worries of bleeding and then I miscarried on the floor of my bathroom. That was traumatic re-reading about that, so I had to give 2007 a break for a few weeks.

2007 was also still part of the “Kim writes 50 blogs posts a month” era too so it’s just a lot to read through.

BUT I AM FINALLY DONE! 2007 has been sorted and is now live again. And as always, here are some photos from that year. 2007 is the year where I have gaps in my backups. I don’t know how that happened but I noticed it when I moved all of my physical backups to Google Photos. But…here are some of the photos I used in 2007 blog posts!

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