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I’ve always snored. But it’s usually rare or at least infrequent enough that if Donnie had to wake me up to reposition that was all I needed and it didn’t happen all the time.

Then, it seemed to start happening more frequently. And then it seemed like one wake-up/repositioning a night was not enough. I would just start snoring again. And now? I’m someone who snores so loud EVERY NIGHT and can not be disrupted from it that I basically sleep on the couch now.

I tried sleep nose strips and they don’t do crap. I don’t drink much anymore (one light beer before bed at most) and I don’t eat a lot of dairy.

I know a sleep study would be ideal but we are not insured right now so until then, I’m wondering if you know of any things that work?

(Don’t tell me to lose weight. I’m happy with my weight and I’m not going to negatively impact my progress around body image by dieting to see if it keeps me from snoring.)

This couch is just not ideal to put it simply. It’s small, first of all, and I share it with a medium-sized dog. But it’s also a couch we bought because every piece/cushion/frame can be replaced (it’s uber-pet friendly) but what you sacrifice for this is a bit of comfort. There’s no springs or support, it’s just wood/netting under the cushions and so my old body does not sleep long without needing to reposition and there are not a lot of positioning options on a small couch.

Also, my dog has this weird habit where he wakes me up in the middle of the night just so we can switch positions on the couch.

Anyway…this is me just looking for non-medical snoring remedies. Things that have worked for you or people you know. The internet is full of suggestions (like: LOSE WEIGHT) but I’d like to narrow down the process a bit.

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  1. Have you tried wearing a mouth guard? I know you can’t get a custom-made one now–and those are probably best–but an over-the-counter option might be worth a try.

  2. My husband uses a molded mouthpiece that he got off Amazon. All he did was heat it up and mold it to his mouth. It helps him. I had to go with CPAP. Earplugs for Donnie as I use them every night for those nights my husband decides he not needing his mouthpiece.

  3. I did the sleep study (it was bad!) And got the CPAP, but I could not sleep with it on my face. Ended up getting my tonsils removed and it was the best, because I could get deep, restful sleep. I still snore, 20 years later, so it is not an end-all for snoring. Have you tried pillows to build a fort, so you cannot sleep in the position you snore in? I’ve also heard of having a pocket on the back of your shirt and putting a tennis ball in it, to keep you off of your back. Your nose piercing may be causing you to change how you sleep (I have a helix piercing (I’m super cool now 😉 )). If you’re able to remove it, it may help you sleep on your face.

  4. I tried everything. What ultimately worked for me was to raise the head of my bed. Put 1-3 pillows under the mattress to incline your head. It takes some getting used to sleeping that way, but it keeps my husband happy because it keeps me from snoring.

  5. We’ve found that having a humidifier running right next to Mike’s face helps somewhat- more moisture in the air seems to decrease the snoring. That, and raising the head of the bed, as Lindsey mentions above.

  6. I guess you don’t have extra rooms but what about buying an extra bed and just put it in the living room? I would just cover it with pillows so it looks like a day bed during the day…

  7. Funny my husband did the opposite. He started sleeping without a pillow and snoring is eased by 90%.

  8. Does Donnie notice that your snoring stops and starts, or that you make choking or gasping-like noises, or that the volume goes up and down? That’s the kind of snoring that really needs a sleep study and potential CPAP. If it’s just steady, sadly, drinking any alcohol before bed can cause that kind of snoring. While you’re waiting to be able to do a sleep study, definitely try cutting out all alcohol in the evening and get a mouthguard snoring device. If the issue doesn’t go away quickly, Donnie should be wearing earplugs before kicking you to the couch. If you have to be on the couch, get a cheap memory foam mattress topper (king or queen) and fold it in half. Major upgrade in your sleeping surface!

  9. Perhaps you might try several firm pillows under your head so that your entire upper body is on an incline? It would take some getting used to but it might be more comfortable than the couch.

  10. I was going to say humidifier too. There are also some ‘breathe’ blends of essential oils I use and some nice ‘sleep’ blends for when you need to relax or are feeling anxious.

  11. I recently read the book “Breath” by James Nestor – it’s fascinating and he covers the topic of snoring. Essentially, breathing through your nose is key, as mouth breathing creates a heap of problems, among them, snoring. I’ve been recommending the book to everyone I know!

  12. I also snore. I did a home sleep study by Lofta ( It was $209. Mine isn’t apnea, but is annoying to my husband. The mouth guard made it worse for me.

    What has helped are wearing nose vents ( and raising my head with a wedge pillow (

    My husband uses a CPAP, but he also wears noise cancelling headphones, usually connected to an ipad – he likes to watch TV in bed and I don’t, so he’ll listen to the tv on headphones and fall asleep that way. It looks really uncomfortable to me, but he sleeps all night that way, so I guess it works. We got him an floor ipad stand that works for him.

    As an aside, I SWEAR by the Manta (linked above) sleep masks & ear plugs. They are amazing!

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