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October Wrap-Up

Yes. I’m aware it’s only October 5th. I can’t do a “wrap-up” five days into a month. But here’s the thing, I’m trying to be better about putting fun photos/memories that I put on other platforms on here too so I’m not as tied to those platforms. Right now I can’t leave Facebook or Instagram (not that I necessarily want to) because too many memories are there because it’s a quick/easy way to document things and – especially with Facebook – it’s more private so I don’t need 100% kid approval.

(Reminder to future Wesley: For the last 2’ish years you have been VERY against me documenting your life in ANY WAY on ANY PART OF THE INTERNET so please do not ever look at the lack of content about you as anything other than me honoring your wishes! I’m terrified you’re going to scroll through these years some day and be like: JEEZUS. MY MOM NEVER TALKED ABOUT ME AT ALL. It’s because you wouldn’t let me!)

BUT! My end goal with this annoying Blog Cleanup is that this blog becomes an easier/better archive of my kid’s lives and while a lot of that currently is me going back and deleting thousands of entries of me bitching about being tired, I also need to be better about duplicating things here that I thing the kids might enjoy reflecting on later. I’m also hoping to post old entries documenting things from other platforms but I’m still in 2007 and I was not using any other platforms then. As evidenced by my 70 blog posts a month back then.

First and foremost? Nikki has claimed my old cameras and started using them this weekend to try to teach herself how to take pictures on something other than her iPhone. Part of that experimentation led her and Wesley to goofing off with the camera and she ended up taking some of the best photos of him! And since he posted them to his instagram I feel okay posting them here.

Not only were the photos cool but they were also getting along! And that is something definitely worth documenting!

(My kids will want me to point out that a lot of the times when I’m yelling,”OH MY GOD QUIT FIGHTING!” they are not really fighting. They think my good relationship with my brother spoiled me and that I’m overly sensitive so they may not actually fight that much by regular standards.)

Nikki and I also took the camera on a hike in the woods and she’s not normally a fan of hiking and so it was quite a treat and we had tons of fun stopping at the cool spots and taking pictures. It was also fun to see two guys who overheard us wondering where something was and they were worried we were lost and needed help to which I said, “Nope. We live right off these trails. We’ve just never done this specific combo before so we weren’t sure at what point these trails intersected.” I want to be like, THIS IS MY TURF, BITCH. I AM NOT LOST.

(I did not really want to say that. They were perfectly nice.)

We also did something that almost felt normal. Eliah works at an art/performance venue in town called Lowe Mill (FYI: it’s the coolest place in the world, we loved it even before he got hired to do their marketing) and they cancelled all of their “normal” October events to do more Covid-Friendly things like Drive-In movies! Saturday they were showing Beetlejuice so we went and it was a blast! We just felt like we were doing a normal thing, just spread out and masked.

There was also a moment on a walk with the kids this weekend where I jokingly kept calling Nikki “boomer” (I don’t remember why) and she finally said, “Wait…what are you calling me?” When I told her, “Boomer,” she laughed and said, “I thought you were calling me w-h-o-r-e.” I was appalled! We don’t talk to each other like that! She said, “I was just rolling with it,” to which I insisted, “DO NOT EVER ROLL WITH YOUR MOTHER CALLING YOU A WHORE.”

Of course, I had to tell Facebook that story and then later posted our hiking photos with the caption, “Went hiking with this whore today,” so evidently now we are the type of mother/daughter that jokingly call each other “whore” but IT WAS ONLY THAT ONE TIME.

We are officially starting “Fall Break” today which means no school every day which is good because I had to recruit two friends this last week to help me with my kid’s school work. A music friend for Wesley’s homework and a math friend for Nikki’s. My friends need Fall Break as much as I do.

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