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7 Days Down, 93 To Go.

Yesterday was busy.

(I’m trying to be cognizant of my language choices lately. I rely too much on negative language which sets negative mindsets so notice how I said “busy” instead of “really fucking exhausting.”)

(Do you think pointing it out undoes the efficacy?)

Anyway. Mom had a morning appointment and dialysis in the afternoon. In between there was helping Donnie re-wire the garage while trying to do some domestic chores. By the time I got home around 7pm I just wanted to be done. You know? Like…put on my pajamas and curl up with my laptop to watching some Taskmaster…DONE.

But a funny thing happened while Mom was at dialysis. A storm came through and brought Fall with it. It was actually a bit chilly last night. So I just told myself, I’m going for a walk when I get home to try to hit my step goal. And I didn’t spend too much time thinking about how tired I was or how I really didn’t want to do it – I just ran inside and busted into Nikki’s room (she’s been waiting for cooler weather too and sometimes likes walks) and said, “Fall is here. Do you want to go for a walk?”

She said, “Yes!” I put on a hoodie and my light-up vest and we hit the road around the neighborhood for a chilly night-time walk.

It was great. Now, Nikki did not realize we were going on a real walk and wore her converse and got blisters… was still fun. We cracked up hypothesizing where the murderers were hiding (We’ve been watching too much Criminal Minds.) and we commented on the interiors of people’s houses as we could see STRAIGHT THROUGH THEIR HUGE WINDOWS.

For the record, I find giant un-curtained windows and doors made mostly of glass a weird thing. Maybe because I grew up in a not-so-safe neighborhood/industrial district, but I would not feel comfortable with people being able to easily see into my house like that. But in my neighborhood? IT IS EVERYWHERE. And we couldn’t help but see what was on people’s walls etc. And then we lamented how FREAKING CREEPY WE WERE BEING.

And cracked up some more.

It was delightful and fun and chilly and it felt so good to be out in a hoodie and getting my steps in.

That’s the graph of my first week of my step challenge. I’m pretty proud. I am not freaking out about one day being under the goal, especially since my average stayed above 10K/day. During this week I went on one solo (and spiritual) hike, I did some walking around my neighborhood, I went on a hike with friends, and I cracked up on a crisp cool night with my daughter. I’m not sure I really would have done any of those things without this step challenge from my favorite local personal trainer.

(It’s a free challenge. No one in my house is earning an income right now, that’s the only challenges I join are the free ones.)

Setting goals/joining groups is always a hit or miss with me. Sometimes they keep me focused and on track and sometimes I have one bad day and I quit. I’m very happy to see I missed one day and then got back on the wagon. I think it helps that the spreadsheet we enter our steps on has TONS of people who don’t reach their goals every day. Some even enter things like “sloth” or “pathetic” instead of numbers. Maybe I feel safe not being perfect with other people who are obviously not perfect either.

Week one of the 100 day challenge is done! We go through the end of the year and I’m feeling pretty good about it!

3 thoughts on “7 Days Down, 93 To Go.”

  1. Go you and your bad ass self! Or is that negative? Anyway, I’m impressed. I’ve been trying to motivate myself to get my steps and I haven’t found the thing that works for me yet. <3

  2. That’s awesome! My girlfriends and I have been using the MapMyWalk app and creating our own challenges. It’s been super motivational, especially when I don’t want to get out their and I see one of them went out and walked today. If you would like to do it with us, let me know and I would be happy to have you join.

  3. Way to go on your walking challenge!
    I feel the same way about uncurtained windows – I always have to close my blinds at night. I can’t stand the thought of people staring in at me at night. Although I do stare through others’ open windows.

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