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Photo Session

E does marketing/photography/publicity for a local art facility. It is in an old mill building that started as a textile factory in 1901 and then a boot factory during the Vietnam war. His office has these great old cinder block walls and great lighting, not to mention the fact that his profession makes him a creative photographer, so I asked if I could borrow his office and his photography skills to help me commemorate completing my 20th bullet journal.

I am stupid-proud of these things. Before I started bullet journaling I would spend money on planners/calendars that I would only use a few months before buying new ones because one one calendar/planning system ever seemed to work for me. And I started 100s of journals over my life and sketchbooks and never finished any of them. Most barely had 10 pages in them because I would lose interest or make a mistake or something.

My full collection with this month’s new notebook

There are a few things I regret about this collection. 1) That I ever used Moleskine’s at all. I switched to Leuchtturm1917’s about volume 8 and I wish I had discovered them sooner because they’re perfect. 2) That I ever used soft-cover Moleskine’s (I was just desperate for color variation I couldn’t find without switching to soft covers). 3) That I ever bought the same color of notebook two volumes in a row. Volume 6 and 7 will forever be taunting me with their twinness in these photos.

But for the most part? I look at these photos, or my notebooks on their shelf at home, and I’m just proud. About 70% of the pages in these things are calendar pages and to-do lists…not the most excited thing to look back on. But peppered in between those pages are photos of family event and drawings from my kids and notes of gratitude and training programs and ticket stubs and school event programs. It’s not an exciting life but man…it sure does look pretty in a stack.

Notice my nails. I painted them purdy for this photo session.
Of course we had to do a masked photo to fully document the era.
Let’s not discuss how many times this stack fell over.
I mean, his office is just SO COOL.

It was just a fun little blip of my day which is a treat when often I struggle keeping my head above water. Whenever my psychiatrist challenges me to recall moments when I am just simply enjoying being…it always goes back to good moments with my kids. Parenting is still full of challenges (not with E, obviously, he’s fully cooked now and I’m very proud of how he turned out even though he had to parent himself mostly because I was in college his first few years of life and then I had two small children keeping my attention during his teen years) and this weekend was an especially bad one in the world of parenting. But still…when I’m just enjoying being, it’s always good times with my kids.

Here’s to stacks of used notebooks and enjoying the company of your adult children while taking advantage of their talents.

6 thoughts on “Photo Session”

  1. YAY! Congrats on finding a system that works for you. And for all of the good things in this post. It made me smile too. <3

  2. I am so happy for you!
    And as a fellow curly haired gal- Love how your hair cooperated for this photoshoot! You look really really good!

  3. I started art journaling this month, through a company that does a curated subscription box and four free tutorials each month (not going to mention the name because I don’t want this to look like a “spam advertisement”, although I would gladly do marketing for them for free!)…and I absolutely LOVE it and know I will feel just as proud someday when I have completed 20 of them! These photos were so enjoyable to view, thank you for sharing! Also, yeah…having an adult child for sure takes the edge off dealing with the teenager still at home. Hahaha!

  4. I’m just jealous that you have enough of a life to document. I don’t need a planner/bullet journal, but I wish I did.

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