The Great Blog Cleanup

Notes on 2006.

Finally finished going through, formatting, and deleting the HUNDREDS of entries from 2006. And let me tell you…it was ROUGH. My goal is to finish this project by the end of the year but I had forgotten how much nonsense I wrote the first few years of blogging. These last few years I’m writing 20-30 posts a month. But those first few years? We’re talking 60-90! And a lot of them are LONG posts and most of them are SHIT.

I’m using the KonMari method to go through my blog posts from those early years. I don’t have the time or the patience to read every word of every post and then try to decide if it’s worth keeping. Instead, I skim and think: Does this post give my kid’s any insight they might enjoy after I’m gone? Will this help my kid’s remember something fondly?

If I can’t say “yes” immediately after skimming the entry? I HIT DELETE. Now, there are plenty of entries just about me in 2006 as that’s the year I first tried training for a marathon and I’m keeping those because it’s interesting to see where I was, knowing where I end up many years later.

But honestly? Most of it was SHIT. I deleted hundreds of entries that were just about how tired I was. Then I deleted hundreds of entries that were self-deprecating because they are triggering on my journey to radical self love. I don’t like being that flavor of self-deprecating anymore. I also deleted dozens of entries that talked about me trying to get back to my “Wedding Day Weight” which is a solid 70lbs from where I am today and so I don’t need that nonsense preserved for posterity.

So far, processing three years worth of blog posts I’ve deleted close to 2,000 entries. There may be something important in some of those but since I didn’t know what it was before I read it I don’t know what it is I’m missing. I’ve added 2006 to the sidebar now for anyone who is curious.

And as per previous roundups…here is a gallery of some of the photos I used during 2006.

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  1. I think I must have started reading your blog around 2006-2007. I love seeing these old photos!

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