Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3

Three Musketeers.

My kids all hung out together this weekend.

E works full time, but not a “traditional” schedule because he does marketing at an art collective that has evening events. This makes it hard to arrange activities, if the younger two want to have movie nights. Nikki really likes planning things with him so she’ll reach out to him and make it work periodically, but since she usually is trying to get away from the people she lives with…she doesn’t typically include Wes. But this weekend E invited Wes and they hit the Sonic drive-thru (it’s their tradition) for drinks and then watched two scary movies back-to-back at his apartment.

It did my heart so good that they hung out, even if E dropped them off quite late and terrified. (Well, one of them had nightmares but I will not divulge which one. The other one swore they were not scared at all.) And I especially love that they did the thing that they know they can’t do with me because I abhor scary movies.

Every once in awhile we try for a full-family movie night but it’s hard to arrange schedules and EVERYONE LIKES SCARY MOVIES BUT ME. So sometimes I suck it up and watch Us because everyone else wants to watch it, but then I end up watching Twilight with Nikki afterwards because I’m too scared to go to sleep.

He posted this to his instastory and I promptly stole it.

Here’s to taking advantage of geographic proximity as long as we have it!

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