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It’s funny…going through all of my old blog posts (I had to take a break during 2006 because it turns out when I had a baby the only thing I ever talked about was how tired I was and I’m too tired now to read that shit) I was reminded about how often I did posts with just bullet points of small things that weren’t worth entire entries. And you know what? Today I’m kinda feeling the same vibe. Here’s a bunch of things I’m enjoying lately.


I like a good scented candle…one that will actually smell up the room/house because with athletes and pets and cooking in our small-ish home, smells can do a lot of damage. My favorite/affordable candle brand is D&W which I find at TJMaxx for a reasonable price. (They are NOT reasonable regular priced, so get them at TJMaxx!) That smell can fill up a room quickly and I love it. And we’ve tried a bunch of different scents because Nikki likes different stuff than I do so she gets them for her bedroom. They also burn almost 100% down instead of that weird thing some candles do where the wick disappears before all of the wax.

Nail Polish

I’m…um…becoming a nail polish person? I guess? My Mom gets gel/acrylics and refills every 3 weeks and my daughter has beautiful naturally long and perfectly shaped nails and she paints hers all the time at home. Somehow, between the two of them, I’ve decided I wanted to wear nail polish? WHO AM I? Anyway…I can’t sit still for long (that’s a medical and a mental condition) and so I started with some “quick dry” stuff and I think I’ve found my favorite brand. It’s called “EXPRESSIE” and is the quick-dry version of ESSIE. I put one coat on…wait 2-5 minutes….put a 2nd coat on…wait 5-10 minutes (blowing a bit on my nails in the meantime obviously)…and then top coat (I have one from Sally Hansen that Nikki uses)…and then blow/wait for 10-15’ish minutes and then I can carefully move about my life. So, within like 30 minutes I can go back to doing basic activities.

I’ve been getting get a good 48 hours on average before they start chipping, but it turns out I don’t care because the process is so easy I have been totally looking forward to taking 30 minutes after a shower to do my nails and change the color every few days! I’m getting a feel for what kind of colors I like, these are the first two I have used but I also have a muted/dark orange I’m looking forward to using. Sally Hansen makes a quick dry polish too and Nikki swears it’s just as good but I’ve had better luck with Expressie which is too bad because the Sally Hansen stuff is cheaper.


I have equal feelings about all seltzer water. By default I usually by the cheap brand at Wal-Mart in strawberry flavor because I’m more about cost than flavor since it all kind tastes the same to me. BUT, this week we were out and I was getting my groceries at Target and so I bought their LaCroix because it was on sale and it turns out there IS a flavor that is better than all the rest. HIBISCUS. I went back to Target and bought 3 more cases while it was on sale and everyone in the house loves it! I don’t know if it’s because we’ve been buying crap seltzer or what, but we didn’t like the other LaCroix flavors…only this one. AND IT IS SOOOO GOOD.


Now that my kids are gone (they don’t always read my blog but I’m certain if they do they got bored somewhere around “nail polish” and figured this one was not going to have any good stuff in it) I just want to also brag about my kids a bit. My mental health has been shit lately. And all of my kids have been coming through in small and lovely ways. Wesley can read the exhaustion on my face and pulls back from escalation sometimes. He also loves using his adorable silly voice to randomly tell me he loves me. Nyoka keeps telling me how good of a daughter I am and noticing the little things that I have to deal with that other people might not notice. And Eliah – full of his own life and responsibilities – checks in on me constantly and welcomes me into his home to hang out when I’m looking like trash and ragged and offers me water or grandkitty snuggles. (Well, one of his cats hates me, but the other one is good for snuggles.)

I’m just so happy to have kids that are such empaths and kinda can see my struggles without me having to point them out (although I POINT THEM OUT A LOT — I AM A WHINER) and adapt in all of their different ways to ease my load. I’m grateful. I love them almost as much as quick dry nail polish.

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  1. Have you tried the Essie gel couture? I’m not sure on length of dry time, but that stuff is fabulous for not chipping, it easily lasts a week for me without a chip, which is kind of a miracle. And it still removes with just regular polish!!

  2. I LOVE quick dry nail polish! I recommend Dazzle Dry top coat. It’s expensive, but it dries completely solid in 5 minutes (over any brand of polish). Saves me so much time. Just note you’ll need 100% acetone to remove it!

  3. The Hibiscus LaCroix is the best. I also really love the purple bubly (I’m not sure what flavor it is, I just call it the purple one)

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