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Laughter really is the best medicine.

I got home very late last night because Mom’s in the hospital again. She had to go by ambulance from dialysis again and there was a lot upsetting about the whole thing for both of us, but I knew I’d be home eventually last night because they were letting me stay in the ER but they weren’t going to let me stay in her room when she finally got admitted. It was a stressful night to say the least and I was damn beat when I got home around 11:30.

When I walked in the house and no one was up, my brain was focused on one thing: GET THE COFFEE READY FOR TOMORROW. I just have a drip coffee maker so I just fill the water, put the grounds/filter in and then just push “brew” when I wake up in the morning. I was in dazed zombie mode and when I went to grab the pot to fill…water splashed out and I was So. Very. Confused.

Why was there just a pot of water sitting on my coffee maker?

But I was too tired to think too much about it so I dumped it (I was suspicious of it) and filled it and poured it in the back of the maker. Then got the filter and the coffee and bam…everything was ready for a simple push of the “brew” button today.

Wes came out of his room after hearing me, he was evidently still up and so we chatted a bit. He had gotten some of the news from Donnie and was sweetly telling me how bad he felt for me and for Grammy. It was lovely to see even though, under different circumstances, I’d probably get on to him for being up late.

(Sidenote: He’s always so good with my Mom, he’ll chat her up on the couch when we go walk the dog. I was so scared of older people when I was his age but he just sits and watches TV with her like it’s no big deal. He’ll ask her how she’s feeling and talk to her about her dog and our dog. It’s always such a sweet thing to watch.)

I woke up around 5:15 after sleeping on the couch with Zoomie (My Mom’s dog was in bed with Donnie when I got home and I didn’t want to wake either of them up) and got up and pushed brew and then went back to sleep. When the coffee maker was done brewing, Nikki came out and said, “I thought I heard you! Did you see I got your coffee ready for you last night?”

And then I just started giggling as the confusion from the night cleared up a bit.

“Um,” I said as she looked at me confused as to why I was suddenly giggling, “When I got home, there was just a pot of water sitting here.”

“Wait. I didn’t pour the water in?!” and she started laughing too, “Oops! That’s kind of important!”

“Another thing,” I said as I continued laughing, “there was also no coffee in it.”

She paused her giggling for a minute and I watched as she tried to replay the night and then she said, “Oh yea, I guess I forgot that part too.” She started laughing again, “It’s the thought that counts, right?”

How hilariously sweet is that? It was so amazing that she tried, knowing that I would be focused on that when I finally got home from the ER last night. And what a great way to start what is surely to be a stressful and exhausting day…laughing hysterically.

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  1. Sending peaceful and healing thoughts to you and your mom today! I truly know how hard and scary it is taking care of a sick parent.

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