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Anatomy of a Morning.

I’ve had major sleep issues lately but haven’t we all? And so I’m not going to list out the reasons (MY HUSBAND) but for the purpose of this blog post you need to understand: I AM ALWAYS TIRED.

I headed to bed last night around 8pm because I just couldn’t make it any longer and there were some sleep disruptions in the night from the dog and the kids and suddenly? I heard my daughter awake and I looked at the clock and OH SHIT IT IS 5:30 I OVERSLEPT!

I frantically start the coffee-maker exclaimed to Nikki, “I overslept! AGGG!” to which she reminds me it’s only 5:30 and I have an hour before I wake up Wesley and, “How is this oversleeping?”

But I like lots of time in the morning! To drink coffee! And blog! And read! And surf social media! AND IF SOMEONE ELSE IS AWAKE BEFORE ME IT MEANS I OVERSLEPT lHsdfkahjsfidjopaijfdlskjflkajlf;!

(Or something like that.)

So I’m frantically looking for my laptop while the coffee is brewing and cleaning up a bit and then my brain registers: Something doesn’t sound right with the coffee maker.

SHIT! The filter folded over and there’s coffee/grounds everywhere! SHIT SHIT SHIT!

I spent 15 minutes cleaning all of that up and try to get a new pot brewing and I finally I sit down next to Nikki and explain to her, “It’s just that I like to have a couple of hours to get my brain awake so I can be inspired to blog and I don’t have that now, I need to just blog.”

“You could blog about your amazing daughter,” she says with a goofy smile.

“But I’m not allowed to blog about you anymore! You told me.”

And then she deadpans, “I’m a changed woman.”

And then I cracked up hysterically because if there’s anything that has changed about my daughter in the last year is her sense of humor has become fine-tuned and she cracks me up on a regular basis. So instead of running around starting the week like a crazy person with panic and frenzy, I’m on the couch laughing with my daughter which is not such a bad way to start.

So here’s to a over-sleeping and funny kids.

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  1. I absolutely adore the typo about her “sense of human.” It sounds like she has fine-tuned both her sense of humor and her sense of how to be a human. ?

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