The Great Blog Cleanup

2005 Is Now Back In The Building!

I’m proud to say I went through hundreds of entries from 2005 and didn’t accidentally publish any of them to your inboxes in the process! It would have been really confusing since the vast majority of my 2005 entries were about being pregnant with Nikki. But now all of the entries I deemed “worthy” are back on the blog and in the right format! May I present: 2005! The year Nikki was born!

I found myself getting really irritated with Kim from 2005 so I actually wrote a special entry to post at the beginning of the year to prep anyone in the future who might be going through things after I’m long gone to say: I’m sorry for 2005 Kim’s snark and self-deprecation.

Two years down…so many more to go. The good news is that I think I stopped posting several times a day after Nikki was born. At least the monthly entry counts went from 80+ to 50+ which makes things a lot easier on me. I’d like to finish this before the end of the year.

As with ever year welcomed back onto the blog, I’m posting a few photos from that year and those entries for your enjoyment.

Special note to anyone (Like Amalah) who I used to link to all the time back in the day. It occurred to me with the 2004 push that when I “republished” these posts under the new format, people on the other end of those links might be getting notifications. I tried my best to remove those links this time around but if I missed a few, I’m very sorry.

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