Sandwich Generation, Unpublished

One thing I’ve learned since being more involved my Mom’s medical life since her wreck in 2018 – is that taking/keeping notes and having information easily accessible is VERY VERY IMPORTANT. The problem is, she was 68 at that time so that was a lot of years where I was not there taking notes on her medical life.

Now, other than a full hysterectomy in the late 70s/early 80s, her first major health scare was her aneurysm in 2002 but I was keeping notes on that one because she was in intensive care at Vanderbilt for 5 months and so it’s not like she could keep up with what they were telling us. My brother was physically present through everything – but I was connected enough to remember what treatment’s she received etc. So, it’s kinda like I have good notes from 2002 and then good notes since 2018 and nothing in between.

In a perfect world those in between dates would be boring and it wouldn’t matter except that my Mom got diagnosed with colorectal cancer during that time so there’s a lot of specifics I don’t know about. I have a few notes from that time but besides living 3 hours away, I had 2 kids under 5 and one in high school and active in theatre so my parenting life kept me from being more closely involved and right now? I would kill to have notes from that time since colorectal issues is what is keeping her hospitalized.

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