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2004 Is Back In The Building!

So, if you’re a subscriber to this blog you already know that the 2004 posts are back on this blog because you got email notifications about two of them last night. OOPS! Sorry about that!

It took several months of monotonous reading of my own annoying voice but I finally got the posts from 2004 updated to fit the current format, pictures are added to most of them. (Although not always all of the pictures referenced in the post. I was trying to be quick and I posted a shit ton of pictures back before instagram.) In the end I deleted several hundred posts about TV (How did I watch so much TV?) and about blog designs (How did I design so many blogs?) and weird 2-sentence posts that would now simply be facebook statuses.

Because I started by also fully deleting certain categories of posts (like the old Memes we used to do, and posts that were simply linking to other bloggers who are no longer blogging) I have deleted over 1000 posts since I started this. AND I AM ONLY ONE YEAR IN. I still have the years 2005-20019 to go!

Anyway…If you’re curious here’s the posts from 2004. I apologize for how casual my writing was back then. Also? I used nicknames for everyone. I think the early 2004 posts I tried to change that and just use real names like I do now but that got too tedious. Periodically there’s a random update from 2020, especially when I say things like, “I don’t talk about politics on my blog,” because…I mean…LITTLE DID SHE KNOW.

I don’t think I’ll start immediately on 2005. I kinda need a break from my own voice for awhile. But I am proud that I got that done. In the end I found a pretty good rhythm of skimming so it wasn’t taking me too long so I could probably get a year done a month if I worked a little bit every day. I’ll be so happy when this is all done with, jeezus. Anyway…here’s more photos from 2004 in case you needed some sort of reward for reading a post about blogging.

3 thoughts on “2004 Is Back In The Building!”

  1. First, let me congratulate you! WOW! That is quite a task!

    Second, before I knew what was happening I read that post about loving to purge and organize, and that you’d do it for free for people just for the entertainment. I want you to know that people will actually PAY YOU to do that. I am a Professional Organizer and make a good living doing it. So, when all this Covid nightmare is over, and if you are looking to work outside the home again, you might think about trying your hand at it.

    Also, before you say, “Oh, I couldn’t do that because…” let me tell you, I also suffer from social anxiety. It is actually a great job as far as that goes because I am only working with one person at a time…not a whole office full of people (or whatever.) And, for at least part of each project, I am working completely alone just making things neat, tidy, organized, beautiful! Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe I’m being paid! When there are times I just can’t face leaving the house, I don’t. I take one project at a time and most of them are only one or two day projects, so it isn’t a big month-long commitment, usually. (When I do move coordination I have to gear up…haha.)

    Anyway, just thought I’d pass that along in case you didn’t even know this kind of business existed outside of famous people on TV (Clean Sweep…I LOVED that show! And Marie Kondo…Meh. Haha. As if any normal person would ever keep up with folding their t-shirts that way!)

    Keep up the good work!

  2. criscollrjblog – Motivated by Christ, my children, husband, family, special needs advocacy, and performing transcription for a living; and staying interested in all kinds of music, blogging, photography, reading, laughing, loving, and just living. When I switched over to after 3 years with a paid site, this gravatar was created. I now have been back to a paid site with for about a year. The address is
    Dori says:

    Oh wow! I’m starting to try to read a few blogs again, and since you were one of my major influences when I started blogging in 2006 or so (started live journal in 03) I started looking at yours again! What’s ironic is I have been going through my blog also! I’m also doing the update notes and deleting some things and making sure pictures show right, etc. What a journey! I’ve edited from 2003 to 2007 and even had to rename (temporarily) my blog on a new domain because there’s something wrong with the coding in my main blog that I can’t fix…… Crazy. So it’s moved from temporarily… The original sits unedited with massive Spam that comes in continuously because no plug ins work… I probably won’t have it all edited for a year or two without everything going on!

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