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On Books

This is the last week here before school starts. Our city and county teamed together to mandate that all school the first nine weeks will be virtual, so I’m less stressed than I would be if they were going back to a classroom right now, but that also introduces back the stress from the end of last year which is: DO NOT MAKE ME IN CHARGE OF MY KID’S EDUCATION. I mean, I’m an okay teacher if I’m having a good day and a very engaged student…BUT that’s not a very lofty achievement for the requirements which…um…rarely exist in this house. The best I can offer is “okay” and only if A) I’m having a good day and B) my kid wants to be learning?

That’s the best I can offer, kids. Let’s go.

Yesterday was Book Lovers Day – if the internet is to be trusted on such things – and it really got me thinking as I photographed my bookshelf. I really do love books. Not just reading. But…books. I got into e-readers for a little while many moons ago…but I felt like I actually read less when I was using an e-reader and I also felt like it didn’t give me that weird serotonin rush or that calming feeling that sitting and reading a book does for me. There’s something about holding a book that both stimulates my happy brain chemicals and calms my anxious ones. Maybe because my brain has been programmed to think screens are stressful but an e-reader just doesn’t do that for me.

I just love books. If I had a lot of expendable income, I would buy every book I wanted to read and simply donate the ones I didn’t want to keep afterwards. No fancy salon days for me. No designer clothes. No high tech watches or phones. Nope. Just let buy a book every time I want to read one. Let me hold it in my hand and if I love it? Let me put it on my bookshelf to stare at periodically.

Because I do that now…just stare at my bookshelf. I just love it so.

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  1. There’s a quote that I can’t quite remember, about how being really rich is to be able to go into a bookstore and buy every book you want, and I feel that way too. Given limitless money and storage space, I would have even more books (and yarn) than I do now, and to some people, I have a lot now!

  2. My mother-in-law once told me I had one of the most diverse book collections (regarding topics) she’d ever seen. It’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me!

  3. These days most of what I read is on my Kindle app. I love books and have ones that are important to me to have physical copies of, but I got stressed by having too many books and not enough places to keep them. Almost all of my physical books (save some kids books I have here for the grandkids and a few other favorites of mine) are in storage right now. I’m looking forward to having them back once I’m settled in a new home, though, Anyhow, I find reading on the app makes it easier for me to start a new book when I finish one. I just scroll to find the next unread book I’ve downloaded.

    I think I like reading nonfiction in physical form, because I tend to like to take notes. That’s easier to do with a real book. In Kindle, I highlight a lot, but that doesn’t get stuff into my brain like writing does.

  4. Oh I love my books too! I finally also got into using my kindle a few years ago—mostly when I figured out how to use it to read library books (which has been so awesome this past few months).

    For school starting, I am in the same boat, and just really uncertain about how it’s all going to go. It helps me a little to remind myself that my son’s teachers are still in charge of his education, I’m just on the hook for classroom management? (That part is still AWFUL but it helps me stress less to remember that we still have real professionals who write the lessons and deliver them and do the assessment and are really the ones in charge of what he’s getting TAUGHT; Im just stuck watching for his behavior/attendance/whatever…which I’m not psyched to have to do but whatever. )

    Hope your back to school goes well!

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