Goodbye Neighborhood Facebook Group.

I have a neighborhood Facebook group that I finally had to take myself out of this morning. The biggest thing that stresses me out is the kinda “angry mob” reaction to every post about teenagers doing something stupid. This week it was “ding dong dash” and there’s always security footage and so I see these pictures of teenagers blasted an people saying, “I hope you called the police!” and I just CAN NOT HANG WITH IT.

I did some dumbass shit as a teenager and am very grateful nobody had security footage to document it.

I always pop in with a comment something like, “I was a dumb teenager too,” or if someone posts a picture of a car that drove fast or ran a stop sign I’m always like, “Maybe they were having a bad day,” because I just don’t like this trend AT ALL where we photograph people at maybe their worst and then blast it all over Facebook for the world to keep sharing.

I documented one incident here and in the end someone did post the security footage and I called the whole thing “bananas” because…UGG. Seriously? And also…how do you like my “bananas” as fighting language? And of course the guy that posted it claimed it was “someone on the Left not liking it” and I was grateful for the function that lets you see a person’s posts in the group where it shows: I RANT ABOUT ALL SORTS OF SHAMING, NOT JUST THE POLITICAL SIGN STEALING VARIETY.

Anyway…yesterday someone posted about some tattooed white guys who “didn’t look like they belong” and then another person got mad about protestors at the Mayor’s house (I guess he lives in my neighborhood?) and I just decided: THIS PLACE IS NOT GOOD FOR MY MENTAL HEALTH.

But now I’m worried that one of my teenagers will do something asinine and I’ll never know their photo is blasted out to my neighborhood so I’m hoping my friends still in the group will keep me posted.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Neighborhood Facebook Group.”

  1. The crazy stuff people complain about now days on neighborhood sites! My friend’s neighborhood had a lady complaining about a kid riding his little go-cart in the neighborhood, saying it was too loud. (It is quieter than alot of cars, the kid was riding it in the middle of the day, and the person does not work night shift.) Another neighbor complained when kids cut across their yard while playing. The kids didn’t harm anything, they just ran across the yard to the neighbor’s to play. It is sad when people only see the negative in everything.

  2. I just left mine a few weeks ago as well and I feel a lot better for it. It was getting pretty vitriolic and I ended up feeling worse about myself and my town and the world in general whenever I spent too much time scrolling through.

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