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A Return To The Olden Days of TV Watching.

One thing we’ve been watching a lot during the pandemic is the show Criminal Minds. There was a time on this here blog where I talked/wrote a LOT about TV. Back in the days of cable packages and DVRs. I basically lived on the CBS channel with all of their procedurals, periodically bopping over for Bones or Castle. Crime procedurals represented like 99% of what I watched on TV. I loved all of them, the CSIs the NCISs and of course…Criminal Minds.

But I haven’t watched those shows in years, definitely not since we gave up cable in…um…2010? Maybe? I feel like we gave it up before Ted Danson joined CSI but maybe we just stopped watching that particular show. EITHER WAY…it’s been a long time since I watched a crime procedural. The younger kids don’t even remember that being something anyone watched in our house. And during the last several years we’ve steered more towards sitcoms for regular viewing as *gestures wildly* all of this is just too much.

But..it turns out that a lot of teens on TikTok talk about CSI because they all think Dr. Reid Spencer is the greatest thing since sliced bread. N brought it up a few months ago, saying she kinda wanted to watch the show to see what the hype was about and now we watch it all the time.

(By the way, Spencer is the greatest thing since sliced bread.)

It’s funny, though, because I don’t remember any of the episodes we watch, and a lot of them I never watched because I gave up cable on the early half of the show’s run…but I’m constantly guessing what’s going to happen next and it blows N’s mind. I told her, “It’s because I used to watch these type of shows exclusively. Probably 8 episodes of different crime shows a week. THEY BECOME VERY PREDICTABLE IF YOU WATCH THAT MANY OF THEM.”

I did try to explain shows like Bones and Castle to her as examples of how far-reaching the genre went. She was blown away that they could come up with enough story/cases to keep shows like that afloat. BUT THEY DID BECAUSE I WATCHED THEM ALL THE TIME!

It’s one of the weird things that has come out of this pandemic. A return to a show and a genre I used to love. I definitely don’t love it anymore, but it’s fun to watch with Nikki, and it’s a break to the monotony of trying to stay healthy and separated from the world.

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  1. It’s funny, because you are the second person in less than 24 hours to bring up watching Criminal Minds!! I loved it, until the last season or so. Matthew Grey Gubler (Spencer) is on my list, he’s fabulous.

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