I’m a well-trained human.

My sleeping as been chaotic lately, meaning there are a lot of things that cause me to end up on the couch many nights. Sometimes it’s because I’m snoring and waking Donnie up and I sleep fine on the couch, so I’ll move there when he wakes me up. Sometimes it’s because there are storms and my dog does better with me on the couch with him. Sometimes it’s because I’m tossing and turning and don’t want to be disruptive to Donnie, so I’ll move to the couch. Whatever the cause, I end up on the couch several times a week.

Most of the time when this happens, the dog joins me eventually. The couch is small and both of us on it is not the easiest sleeping arrangement. We tend to both need to reposition a lot throughout the night, me because I’m old and my body aches being still for too long, him because he’s a dog and I guess dogs do that.

He started doing this thing that – while I’m in the fog of sleep doesn’t phase me – but always cracks me up later when I think about it. He has started getting up from where my feet are on the couch and coming around to where my head is and just breathing on me until I wake up. That’s when I know it’s my turn to rotate on the couch, flip and put my head on the other end so he can curl up where my head was. I do it automatically now, BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IT IS HAPPENING.

Because I’m in zombie mode when it happens I tend to leave my pillow where my head was, which I think is the point, so what ends up happening is the dog curls up on my pillow and I’m left sleeping with my head on the less-comfortable arm of the couch.

I am feeling a bit frazzled today and very tired and just thought I’d share a cute story of my dog training me to give up my pillow every night.

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  1. We have a pillow dog ,too. She will use anything as a pillow. I think that she has figured out that its more comfortable if her head is elevated and spine straight./ Of course there is that thing where she sleeps with her front half on her back with her legs straight in the air and her back half on her side!

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