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First..the fun stuff. THE NOSE RING! I casually mentioned in in a recent blog post but never told the story!

I’ve been wanting a nose piercing forEVER. Talked about doing it with a book club friend for awhile but it just never happened because I’m bad about dropping the ball on things. Then, this winter, N asked if she could get one as soon as soccer season was over so that it would heal before Fall Soccer. I asked if we could do it together since I had been wanting one too and she actually got REALLY excited about that idea. And I’ll be honest…it could have gone either way.

Then…of course…Covid happened and soccer season got cancelled and the tattoo studio where our piercing girl worked closed like everything else did. We kept in contact with her only to discover she got pregnant and was taking a break from work but she turned us on to another girl piercer. When things opened up again we reached out to her about protocols and procedures and felt safe and decided we’d do it for my birthday! N was not thinking she’d play fall soccer anymore but just in case we wanted to get it done ASAP to give it time to heal before she might have to take it out.

NOTE: the thing about piercing/tattooing…if you go to a reputable place…they HAVE to be really sanitary to keep their licensing so none of the “new” rules were really anything different other than making customers wear masks too. And since a piercing takes 15 seconds and you basically hold your breath the whole time…Covid was the least of our worries.

N was so brave and went first BY HERSELF and came out and was like OH MY GOD THAT HURT SO BAD. And y’all? SHE WAS NOT LYING. It hurt like a Mother Trucker. And, it’s not like ear piercing. It’s not just pop, you’re done. THERE IS TWISTING AND PUSHING AND IT HURTS.

But…the pain subsided very quickly. And now we’re adorable.

Now! Update on the ankle.

It’s a second degree lateral sprain and I have to wear a brace during the day for 2 weeks. The swelling is still pretty bad and the bruising gets a little worse every day but all-in-all I’m amazing but how little it’s affected my life because that figure-8 brace is AMAZING. I was so afraid I’d be useless to my Mom because I couldn’t put much weight on it but that brace made all of the difference. I’m still slow as Christmas walking around, but I can and I’m stable so my arm is still good for her to hold onto!

8 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. The nose rings look great on both of you. I love mine and the fact that I can wear different color rings in it. I found some smaller ones on Amazon that I really like.

    Good to hear about the ankle!!!!

  2. Love the nose piercing! I’ve been wanting one since I was 17. (42 YEARS) Have still not pulled the trigger. Is 49 too old? Should I do it for my 50th in December? You make me want one again.

  3. Math is obviously not my strong suit. 32 years. I’ve been wanting one for 32 years.

  4. No age is too old to do something that you’ve wanted to do for so long! I say go for it, 100%. Most likely you will love it and wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner and in the (very unlikely) scenario that you *don’t* like it, you can always take it out again.

  5. Yes you are adorable! Although N is so grown up I feel old as I remember her being born!

  6. Y’all are so cute! My oldest wants to dye her hair blue. Her elementary school had a no hair dye policy in the dress code, but there is no such rule at the middle school (and plus she’s probably going to be remote learning anyway). I’m in this weird loop where I just can’t wrap my mind around letting her do a permanent dye but I’m convinced I’ll be wasting my money on temporary because it won’t work. I don’t know; I just don’t want to mess her hair up!

  7. Thanks for the update. I’ve been thinking about getting one. Hope your ankle feels better fast. Glad the brace helps.

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