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Second Verse, Same As The First.

Do you have friends who you feel are always posting about some sort of drama? And while it’s not like you don’t have sympathy for them, you are constantly looking at their guess what’s happening in my life now posts like…REALLY? MORE DRAMA?

Oh. You don’t have any friends like that? WELL YOU HAVE ME, DON’T YOU?

Uggg. I like to use Facebook as a type of diary, posting updates about life so I can reflect on them in my “memories” as the years past. Often I’m reminding of things I forgot happened and so I really enjoy documenting the minutia of my life. But lately? At least for the last 2+ years? I feel like every post is: THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG IN MY LIFE.

Like the pandemic and the political climate is not enough. I had to try to move my Mom here during all of that and then she became a dialysis patient in the first few weeks here and so all of those things ARE PLENTY. But then I totaled my car. And then I got the poison ivy rash from hell and was refusing to get a steroid shot because I didn’t want to go to any clinics right now for something as silly as poison ivy.

And then last night I fell in my back yard and I either sprained or broke my ankle.

Now…first…I have rolled my ankle 5,000 times as a trail runner. I’ve pushed through pain that hit me so hard I thought for sure I had broken something. But ankles are weirdly resilient and if you keep moving a lot of times that initial pain works itself out and you are surprised it hurt as much as it did. I had ONE time where I had to wear a brace for awhile but I have NEVER gone to get an x-ray for any of the 5,000 twists on the trails.

But last night it immediately swelled up and the pain was TERRIBLE. Like, I was scared to look at it thinking FOR SURE there would be a bone popping out.

There was not.

After the swelling took over the pain subsided and I could hobble in a very specific way to the bed or bathroom but one wrong turn and it was excruciating. We decided to wait it out and while the swelling has gone down, my functionality has not changed. If I hobble in the right way I can make it around the house but sometimes I get off rhythm and I’m stuck and I can’t find it again and I need help. It’s weird. It’s like there’s only ONE WAY I can hobble and if I lose that technique for a second I can’t get it back.

I’m going to get an x-ray today but I have an 845am appointment, Wes has a 10:am appointment, and Mom has a 2pm appointment. So probably not until after 2pm, so I’ve broken out my Dad’s walking stick and Donnie and Nyoka are going to take shifts helping me do the stuff I need to do for the appointments and walking my Mom’s dog.

Maybe I’ll try to get a steroid shot for my poison ivy while I’m there.

3 thoughts on “Second Verse, Same As The First.”

  1. I have torn ligaments in my ankle twice and it felt like that. The first time I think they just had me wear an ace bandage and take it easy for a few days.

    The second time I had crutches and a slightly fancier brace. I think that recovery lasted about 7-10 days.

    I hope that nothing is broken and you get a fast recovery!

  2. It’s good to get an X-ray to be sure! I’ve had bad sprains that acted like that. If it turns out to be a sprain, an “air-cast” style brace really helps with the pain because it keeps your ankle in one position so it can’t be tweaked. Mine really made a difference for being able to walk around at first.

  3. I’m so sorry. I’m back in the area (Madison) and have life flexibility, so I wish I could somehow help you out (although I realize that’s super stalker-ish, so maybe nevermind). We did meet once or twice in person, but I’d be shocked if you remember me. So, I’ll just leave that all in there so you can see how socially awkward I can be, and just repeat that I’m sorry. Hopefully you it’s something mild and you recover quickly.

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