There are a lot of ways my sleep gets disrupted nightly. The dog, who sleeps with Wesley, usually needs to go out once around 1am. It doesn’t matter who takes him out, it always wakes me up just hearing the commotion even if someone else gets to him before I do. Many nights Wesley wakes me up because of his leg cramps or some other sleep problem. Donnie often wakes me up because I’m snoring. And at least half of the nights a week I end up sleeping on the couch for any variation of these above issues.

Add this to the fact that I have terrible poison ivy right now on my leg and that I have a fresh nose piercing and there is absolutely no reason why I should have slept well last night.


Something weird happened last night. The dog didn’t wake anyone up once, and neither did Wesley. Donnie didn’t wake me up snoring. I was actually fine with my nose ring and poison ivy and just woke up a few times to carefully reposition throughout the night. This might have been the first uninterrupted night of sleep I’ve had in…like…months? I actually opened up the door to Wes’s room to check on him and the dog because I was so disoriented I thought: Surely they’ve both been abducted by aliens. That’s the only explanation.

But they weren’t! They’re still peacefully sleeping!

I just…I needed to document this because my disrupted nightly sleep is such a constant and regular thing that I never considered the possibility that the starts would (or even could) align in a way that every normal disruptor…and even the new disruptors…would all take the night off at once to give me a relatively peaceful 7+ hours of sleep.

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