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Mindfulness in Everyday Activities

So my psychiatrist would like me to try to get back into some sort of mindfulness practice. For some people this could be traditional meditation but that’s not a routine I’ve been able to ever foster in my life. He really doesn’t care how I do it, but he wants me to find some sort of way to regularly insert some sort of calming/mindfulness ritual into my day.

It’s hard when you don’t have a traditional workweek to schedule anything with regularity because your days are a big of a hodgepodge as it is. With the kids not in school right now (ever?) there’s not even that to help me regulate a schedule. I do have my schedule with walking my Mom’s dog and taking her to dialysis but the rest changes daily. So…I’m thinking about coffee and maybe making that meditative?

I’ve never been a coffee snob at all…but! I love my morning coffee. I watched this episode of the Bon Appetit chefs making coffee in their home kitchens and I loved the way Claire made her coffee. She uses something called a CHEMEX and she says it’s just “drip coffee” and I kinda just want to do it EXACTLY how she does it. It doesn’t seem to time intensive, but with the grinding and the pouring and the waiting I thought…maybe that could be my mindful practice? I know I’ve been having hot tea at night (to replace my beer) and I’m trying to make that a mindful practice too so I thought I could switch up my coffee routine and make that more mindful?

Except…as Claire mentions in the video…HOW DO YOU DO THAT WHEN YOU HAVEN’T HAD YOUR FIRST CUP OF COFFEE?

I am kind of a zombie until that first cup hits so…can I be mindful yet? Maybe I do a few stretches first in the mornings to “wake myself up” enough to be mindful about my coffee ritual?

I guess all of our schedules are probably weirder now than they used to be pre-pandemic. Do you have any daily routine that you could turn mindful? I don’t shower every day (sometimes I bathe instead), I don’t exercise every day (or most days if we’re being honest), I don’t even bullet journal every day…but coffee? COFFEE I HAVE EVERY DAY.

3 thoughts on “Mindfulness in Everyday Activities”

  1. and you use the bathroom.
    I resorted to that.
    I sit. As I pee I say “I release, I release I release. I allow, I allow, I allow, I forgive I forgive I forgive, I create, I create I create.”
    Followed by three deep breaths with hand on heart and stomach.
    Wash hands.
    And then I know I am tuning into myself more than once a day as well.

  2. What is an everyday chore you can turn mindful? You’ve mentioned cooking, really pay attention when you get out your ingredients and you are chopping. Same thing with washing dishes. Also when you are eating- instead of reading or listening to something, really look at your food before you put it in your mouth. Focus on the taste and sensation of chewing the food. There are things you do everyday “mindlessly” that you could focus in on instead of tuning out.

  3. Drinking chai tea before bed is a mindful practice for me. Also, although I was joking when I said “Have you tried playing the trumpet?” – It actually is a mindfulness practice for me. I have many routines tied to trumpet practice, and when I focus on perfecting drills/exercises, all the other worries and stresses go away. It is like breathing a huge sigh of relief and feeling all the weight being lifted.

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