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What is time anyway?

I think I figured out one of my problems lately with getting literally anything accomplished. Donnie referenced having a weird productivity problem when his meetings are spread out with just an hour or two between each of them because then he doesn’t have a big enough swath of time to start on any major projects so he doesn’t do anything and I immediately thought: IT IS ME.

One of the unexpected situations from Mom moving here is that I have to go over to her apartment 4 times a day to walk her dog. This was unexpected because I didn’t know she’d have such a hard time navigating the 3 stairs to/from her apartment (she’s on the waiting list at a more accessible place) and I didn’t realize the Poop Police would live in her building and they get really angry if anyone doens’t clean up after their dog and she can’t really bend over/pick up. She lives on a back alley that gets no foot traffic, if she could get across the alley she could let him poop freely but she doesn’t like to use her cane so she can’t stray from the handrail on the stairs. So if she takes him out and he poops it’s right in the walkway by the stairs.

So what I expected to need to do once a day (at most) to just give her dog a bit more exercise, I’m having to do 4 different times in 3’ish hour cycles.

And I think this is giving me the same problem Donnie has. Like…once you factor in the drive and everything (because I visit for a bit when I go if she’s awake) I only get about a 2-hour window at home uninterrupted on any given day and so I am behind on any projects that require me to sit on the computer or any big household projects and it’s all because my brain says, “You only have two hours…no point in getting started…let’s just read instead.”

I mean, it doesn’t help that my anxiety hum is the most distracting thing on the damn planet so focus is hard even if I had a 5 hour window of time to work with.

BUT! These 2-hour time windows don’t help at all. And while I truly abhor schedule blocking (Yes, I probably wrote about it favorably here once, THINGS CHANGE, MAN) I truly think I need to try to be deliberate about my scheduling with these regular interruptions I can’t avoid.

Jeezus, y’all. I was about to say, “Here’s to this week being better!” like it’s Monday but then it hit me: IT IS WEDNESDAY. I just can’t with time anymore. There’s no logic to any of it.

Instead I’ll say, “Here’s to this month being better,” because it’s July 1st, bitches! I turn 45 on the 14th! Time is so weird right now!

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  1. those steps wpold be so much easier for Mom if she used her cane. If she just cant get the hang of it, I will meet you there someday and show her

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