Show me a sign.

The 2016 election was difficult (I MEAN…) because we were trying to sell our house so we could not put a Hillary sign in our yard. I always felt bad about this because we live in Alabama and in my head the assumption is always that you’re voting Republican so seeing Democratic candidate signs in yards is always like a polite wave from a friend in a crowd. I would see Hillary signs in other yards, it would make me feel happy, but I couldn’t return the favor for fear of our making our already difficult house to sell, even more difficult.

So I was excited to put one in the yard this year! Except, well, I don’t love Biden in any way. I’m 100% going to vote for him and I’ll push for him however I can but I wasn’t excited about having his sign in my yard. I decided I’d wait to see who he chose as a running mate and get a sign with BOTH names.

Then, all of the Black Lives Matter protests started happening. We went to a few and we’re vocal about this issues but my daughter REALLY wanted something – either in our yard or on our car – that said Black Lives Matter. I thought about this for a few days because I don’t want 50 signs in my yard, but I also don’t want there to be any doubt where I stand on the issues around race and criminal justice. I also kept thinking that I have other important issues that I want it to be known where I stand, especially after JK Rowling continued to push that she doesn’t think Trans Women are actually women and I worried my participation in the fandom would silently add my support to her views.

SO! I decided to make a sign that will cover all of my bases and should make it obvious who I’m voting for at the same time.

I’m so proud with how it turned out! I ordered 10 to get a discount and almost all of the extras have been claimed! So there will be 10 of these spread out around town.

It’s a silly thing but I needed some light and seeing this sign in my yard gives it to me. I know not everyone will love it, but I hope the people that do see it is a polite wave in the crowd of our red state from a friend.

7 thoughts on “Show me a sign.”

  1. SUPER cool sign!
    People are going to love it, ask you about it and you are going to have to make more!

  2. I love this so much! I wonder how long it would take to be ripped from my yard out here in Meridianville? I’d like to think there are at least a few like-minded souls out here, but you never know.

  3. I love it, but I have a feeling it might not last long. I hope I’m wrong.

  4. I absolutely love that. If it was available for purchase, I would be on it in a hot minute. I’d love it as a bumper sticker too!

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