Systemic Racism

White Lady Anti-Racist Check-in!

I got swept up painting my kid’s room this weekend and it hit me that I had started distancing myself (AGAIN) from the Black Lives Matter movement because I’m a White Middle Class Cisgender woman in a heterosexual marriage and that gives me about 45 tons of privilege to disconnect from the issues at hand. SO! I decided to do a check-in for other white people trying to make sure they don’t lost steam. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Anyone started reading any of the books they bought? How about listened to any new podcast recommendations? Have you contacted your representatives about anything? Watched a documentary? Signed any petitions? Challenged the racist perspectives of anyone you know? Remember – Ibram X Kendi says that we *all* have to be deliberate about being “anti-racist” because our default is not that. Let’s hold each other accountable!

Here are a variety of doable challenges that hopefully touches a variety of types of doers. Don’t lose steam! Maybe choose one item on the list to do before the end of the week? Or more! Just make sure you’re staying engaged in whatever way is sustainable for you. This movement takes ALL of us but it’s going to take awhile so buckle in and find a rhythm.

2 thoughts on “White Lady Anti-Racist Check-in!”

  1. So I meant to check-in immediately and got distracted. Then I came back and read your wreck post and got distracted again. I am SO GLAD You and Nyoka are okay! And that you had an awesome swarm of ladies come to your assistance. If it makes you feel better, my body’s fight-or-flight mechanism tends to be flight: I faint in any sort of weird medical situation. I react differently to other kinds of stress and sometimes I snap into a go-mode and do great, but I have no way of predicting or controlling what it’s gonna be. I’ve pretty much passed out at every doctor’s office I’ve ever visited. All that to say, biology is weird. But anyway back to my check-in: I joined Be the Bridge on FB a while ago and I finally have been carving out time to work through all of the required units during our mandatory “no commenting” period for newcomers. I also started curating a list of things to watch, though I haven’t watched any of them yet.

  2. I am trying
    Attended 2 small rallies. I cant march
    Participating in church book club. Ist read The Color of Compromise. The history of racism in the church
    Selma is the movie night choice tonight
    Read Brown Girl Dreaming and The Watsons go to Birmingham on facebook live. I have also read several childrens books on racism and acceptance on FB live
    I am trying
    Hope to keep going. This is a marathon

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