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Don’t Feel Guilty About Your Pleasures.

I do not watch any reality TV outside of a few fashion/crafting/cooking competition shows. (AND I WATCH THE SHIT OUT OF THOSE.) But I have friends and family who love shows like The Bachelor or Real Housewives and things like that. I didn’t even get into Tiger King which was more of a documentary but kinda gave me that same feeling some of those other shows give me. I mean, I have a hard enough time coping with the realities and chaos of my experiences in my world, don’t ask me to process the chaos in these other people’s much more insane worlds.


I tried to watch The Bachelor to give me and E something to talk about because he and his friends love it, but I couldn’t do it. And recently I worried he thought I was judging him so I reminded him: I watched Twilight in the theaters seven times.

That’s my Go-To fact whenever I worry someone feels like their escape/entertainment is trash: LOOK AT HOW MUCH I LOVE TWILIGHT.

I’ve really taken to dependable favorites during this lockdown. If I watch a “new” show or movie…of which I’ve tried a few…I find the stress of worrying about the lives of these characters is just too much. The only “new” things I’ve watched have been things E has brought over for movie night. Everything else has been old standbys: Schitt’s Creek, Pitch Perfect, Olympus Has Fallen, you know…typical assortment of things for yours truly. Queer comedy, showtunes, and cheesy action flicks.

But the BIG solace during lockdown has been my old standby: Twilight. Ny has seen them all at various times when I’ve rewatched them, but she’s and I have never sat and re-watched them all together. So…you know what I did? I bought them all digitally on Amazon – THE EXTENDED CUT VERSIONS OF COURSE. I wiped out the ENTIRE entertainment budget of April with those movies. No video games for Donnie or Wesley. No books for anyone. The only entertainment money spent in April was on those five movies.


Since the first re-watch I have pulled up one of the movies almost every night to fall sleep to. I think it’s because I’ve seen them so many times that it’s like comfort to me now.

I just think whether your mind likes to unwind to reality dating shows or teenage vampires, we should all stop feeling “guilty” for the things we enjoy. I mean, why is it that Twilight is a guilty pleasure but playing fantasy games like Zelda for hours is somehow…not? Whatever you need to distract your mind that does not hurt anyone else is a gift because I have had times in my life where my mental health was so bad that nothing could distract me from my pain.

So if something a little silly helps you? It’s to be celebrated…not ridiculed.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Feel Guilty About Your Pleasures.”

  1. Timely in that I started re watching Schitts Creek from the beginning last night. Needed something light and fun. Turns out they’re even funnier the second time around.

  2. I am re-reading the Harry Potter series…. again. I should be reading other things related to work, but I can’t quite make myself read books about trauma right now. I agree, whatever is getting you through this anxious time is a win.

  3. I really needed to hear this today, thank you.

    If you haven’t yet tried Next in Fashion on Netflix I really enjoyed it!

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