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On Hugging.

We were watching the first half of the last Harry Potter movie last night. There’s a knock at the door and Harry opens it and is gleeful when he finds all of his friends from the Order waiting to help him leave safely. AND THEN HE HUGS ALL OF THEM AND I COVERED MY EYES IN THE HORROR.

The promo graphic going around last week for Schitt’s Creek was a photo of three of the main female characters holding hands and every time it popped up in my feed I cringed. DO NOT HOLD HANDS YOU CRAZIES. Corona may not be in Schitt’s Creek yet…BUT IT WILL BE THERE SOON.

It’s funny how fast your instincts change. Just four weeks ago I was at Costco to buy my Mom a mattress and I saw a friend who I hugged even though we were all kinda talking about how we should not be hugging for awhile but I couldn’t help myself! It’s my instinct to hug someone I haven’t seen in awhile!

That was before…now I don’t even want my fictional characters on TV hugging even if it was a scene shot almost 10 years ago.

I was wondering the other day when I’ll feel okay hugging again. I feel like it won’t be until there’s a vaccine or a cure that we all know is available and accessible. Like…even if the cases reduce to like they are in China now I don’t see myself wanting to hug people again and this makes me so sad. I am/was a hugger. Hugging was my greeting because it didn’t involved talking. I always screw up with the talking but I am great at hugging. It’s much easier to give someone a hug than to come up with some sort of non-awkward hello that indicates how much you are happy to see someone.

I mean, I’m avoiding people at all costs now, obviously, but when things settle down…when will I feel like hugging? And when will I be confident other’s are too? I’ve always tended to get permission to hug if it’s a friend I don’t know for sure is a hugger…so maybe I’ll start doing that to everyone? Sometime in 2021?

Ugg. I miss so much about my old life. I miss daily grocery trips (I hate meal planning or shopping for more than one day at a time) and I miss seeing friends and family casually and I miss quiet in my home and I miss normal levels of anxiety…but I really, really, really, really miss hugging.

On a related note…I have not been able to curb the face-touching. Still working on that one. It’s hard to stop something you don’t know you’re doing.

3 thoughts on “On Hugging.”

  1. This is also me. I miss hugging. I’m grateful that I don’t live alone so there are some hugs in my day.

  2. I miss hugging even though I feel like I’m bad at it. I’ve always felt awkward and unnatural even though I actually enjoy and crave hugs, so I really appreciate people like you who initiate it. During quarantine, my husband will do 🙂

  3. When you figure out how to not touch your face, let me know. I attend a hugging church. Right now its a virtual church, with many Zoom meet-ups, most game night, coffee meet, lunch together apart etc. We end up discussing the hug fest that will go on when we get back to church sometime probably this Summer. Some people are- Hey this is good for me right now. WQe are also finding that in a church with 2 services, we are meeting others and really getting to know each other better than we did when we could be in the same building

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