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Bag Lady.

I’ve had to be out and about getting stuff for my Mom as she gets settled into her new apartment (I’m not letting her out of the house, obviously!) She moved in Friday and I’ve had to make several trips for her as we think of things she needs both for the quarantining, and just the general items you don’t think about until you’re living someplace new. On all of these trips I learned one of my normal habits is considered a proactive move during these pandemic times: I rarely use shopping carts.

This avoidance stems from a couple of different personality traits. First? I’ve never liked maneuvering carts in grocery stores. I hate when you’re pushing out an aisle and you can’t see if there’s anyone coming and so you just have to wing it and there’s ALWAYS SOMEONE COMING. Basically my driving anxiety converts to shopping cart anxiety so I avoid them at all costs.

I also don’t like meal planning so I’ve always been a “grocery stop on the way home from work” kind of person. Sometimes it’s because I like to cook what I’m in the mood for which I don’t know in advance, other times I’m cooking what’s on sale. Even for the last two years when I’ve been home all day with time to plan and shop I still just make quick daily trips and decide what I’m cooking that night while I’m at the store. This means I rarely need much so I can just walk into the grocery store with 2 re-useable bags and use them as my basket/cart around the store. I get to check out and unload from the bags, only to put the items back in again.

This added perk is that I’m never more than one load from my car to my house. I hate multiple trips! And I have some really good bags that hold a lot and so I can have gallons of fluid and still make it on one trip.

Shopping with my re-usable bags has become such a habit that if I’m walking into the store without bags on my arms something feels VERY OFF. So I rarely forget my bags anymore.

So…It never occurred to me that this might be a good pandemic habit until yesterday when I went to get stuff for my Mom and the cashier said, “Oh…that’s a good idea, you never have to even touch buggies or baskets if you do it that way.”

I didn’t even think of that! I’ve been shopping like that for years…no telling how many germs I missed by avoiding the shopping carts all together! GO ME!

Maybe this makes up for the fact that I just learned a few weeks ago that you’re supposed to wash your pillows.

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