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So. Many. Updates.

My absence here is just a small sign of how crazy my life has been the last 5 days, but I’m going to do my best to do an update even though I slept a little later than I wanted today.

My hubby.

My husband ran 100 miles through the mountains of Tennessee and Georgia this weekend. He started around 12:30pm on Friday and finished 23 hours later. It was his first 100-miler and he did it self-supported which was my biggest worry. Most people will have a “crew” and/or a “pacer” for their first 100. Some do it for every 100-miler, but first-timers really have no way of knowing how their body will handle this challenge and so it’s good to have people to run with towards the end (they usually pick up the back half, depending on the rules of the race) of the race to keep you from veering off course or forgetting to eat/drink in your exhaustion.

But Donnie does it all alone in training and so there was no part of him who really felt it was necessary on race day. And even though he had never run straight through the night before, he had done plenty of dark runs by starting around 3am and he had done a 50-miler so he felt like he knew how to combine those experiences and expectations. And y’all? He was sad when the sun came up! He said that in the darkness he couldn’t see hills coming or how long of inclines he did, he could only see what the light showed him directly in front of his feet. He felt like he started walking more once the sun was up, which is the CRAZIEST thing I’ve EVER heard! I’ve always hear people say the sun gives them energy and of course my husband was like, “Boo! More darkness!”

His goal was to finish, obviously. He had never done one of these before so succeeding was the primary goal. BUT! His kinda-secret A-goal was to do it in under 24 hours and he did it with time to spare!

I will say it was not fun, as a wife like most of his races are. I slept about 2 hours that night because I was obsessively tracking him and when the tracker had an error for an hour I was obsessively trying to make sure his Find-My-Iphone dot was at least moving. His Mom came with us to Chattanooga to see him at mile 90 (other access points were closed to spectators last minute due to rain) and at the finish line and she didn’t sleep at all either. It is WAY too easy to imagine bad things happening throughout the night and I didn’t love it. I think 40 of the 100 people who showed up at the start-line didn’t finish. He finished in 5th place overall on his first 100. A big chunk of the racers finished 5+ hours behind him. He did Amazing and I couldn’t be more proud.

Belt buckles are the traditional 100-miler finish prize.

My mom.

Mom’s condo sold about 2 weeks ago. Did I update you guys on that? I’m so behind. I had to do an emergency POA because she got sick and it was CRAZY and I looked/smelled questionable because I hadn’t planned on all of that unfolding so I was stuck in Knoxville with no change of clothes or hygiene. Luckily I had a friend who had things to spare and so I had a place to sleep and pajamas and a tooth brush and a clean shirt. And everthing went fine, even though I was VERY VERY FRAZZLED.

(I’m a planner, last minute chaos unsettles me more than your average person.)

Yesterday we started moving my Mom’s stuff into her temporary apartment. There’s a great retirement community here but there’s nothing available yet so she’s moving into a small studio apartment until then. There is no way to accurately break down how hard I’ve been physically working to get her here by cleaning out her old apartment, moving her stuff here into storage, and now getting it into her new place. And y’all? I AM TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT. But I’m very excited to finally be getting her here. Keep your fingers crossed we can get her bed (we don’t have a truck and don’t have time to wait on delivery and there are 100 million other factors up in the air and so…ACCCK…) in place before Saturday. Once she’s here the fun of finding doctors etc begins but we are just SO READY for her to be here!

My kid.

My child…who shall remain nameless because I’m trying not to acknowledge I have children on this blog anymore because having “A Mom who blogs” is just about as far from cool as you can get…is having their last planned surgery today after the insane mountain biking accident from last summer that resulted in 2 very severe broken bones in one arm. This is the third surgery this kid has had and to say they’re not excited is the understatement of the year. Keep us in your thoughts today. It’s relatively minor, not even being done at the hospital, but it is tendon translocation so it requires some precision and there will definitely be pain and so it’s just all more stress on a kid who has had nothing but stress around this for the last year.

Okay! I think that’s it! I’d love to tell more about everything but none of those stories are actually mine to tell and so I’m just giving you the briefest of updates as they relate to me and the most important note is: I AM SO FUCKING TIRED. That’s the only takeaway and really…aren’t I always tired? So just par for the course! Nothing to see here! Carry on!

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  1. Donnie: WOW!!
    You mom: That’s awesome!
    “Dog’s” Surgery: Prayers. 😛

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